All Courses: Introduction: Handouts


  • You can review the 'slides' and references for this course by browsing these web pages.
  • Since these course web pages are dynamic (and lengthy), there are no paper handouts.


  • You can make your own offline version: for printer, or a .pdf for computer, tablet, or eReader.
  • If you want to see Interactive elements, e.g., partial quotes/jokes..., crossword clues=, manually expand each before printing.
  • To print a particular page, e.g.:
    [via menu] OLLI Courses > Be Safer on the Internet > Introduction > Topics
    [via URL]
  • Click on "Printer-friendly version" (link at bottom right of page) to create a simpler page format without header, menu, footer; it includes any subsections -- this may take a little while to generate
  • Page width may affect layout of images.
  • Note: after each (sub)section's title, there's currently an extra line showing the title and date last modified
  • (browser) > File > Print
  • If you want only the presentation part of the topic -- and not all of the References, or other subsections (in a higher-level section), review / adjust page range before hitting the Print button!
  • To print the entire course, go to the main (top) page for the course, e.g.:
    [menu] OLLI Courses > Be Safer on the Internet
  • Click "Printer-friendly" link at bottom right -- this will include all pages in the course
  • (browser) > File > Print
  • Depending on your skill and OS, you might be able to select "PDF" as your print destination
  • macOS: (print window) > PDF (menu at lower left) > Save PDF
  • iOS: (share icon) > Save PDF to iBooks