All Courses: Introduction: Navigation

topics xwdThere are several options for viewing and navigating these pages.

Top of page

  • left: dropdown menu: select "OLLI Courses"
    'finger scroll' for long menus
  • right: Search box -- for within site; specific words yield best (fewest) results

Bottom of page

  • zen gpsleft; '<': previous section
  • center; 'up': up a level
  • right; '>': next section
  • left (on section pages): select from table of contents
  • Content updated: date when the page was last modified

Text / Image Size

  • To increase the size of page elements (text, images), use your browser's Zoom command
  • macOS: Safari > View > Zoom In or: cmd-+; decrease: Zoom Out / cmd--
  • macOS: Firefox > View > Zoom > In
  • macOS: Chrome > View > Zoom In
  • iOS: Safari -- stretch/pinch gesture
  • To view larger version of an image, open it in a new tab or window
  • macOS: Safari > (ctrl-click image) > Open Image in New Tab/Window
  • macOS: Firefox > (ctrl-click image) > View Image
  • macOS: Chrome > (ctrl-click image) > Open Image in New Tab
  • iOS: Safari > (press image) > Copy; "+" (new tab) > Paste (address)
  • Win: right-click image (for menu)
  • external links (arrow icon suffix), e.g., Apple
  • internal links (cursor change, status bar), e.g., Top section
  • quotes, jokes: click on "..." (or "=" on some pages) to reveal more,
    e.g., “I may not have gone where I intended to go, ...
  • If you plan to print a page, expand any of these that you want visible.
  • To find text within the current page, use your browser's Find command
  • macOS: Safari > address bar: enter text; popup menu (end): Find "text" on This Page
  • macOS: Safari > Edit > Find > Find or: cmd-F
  • macOS: Firefox > Edit > Find
  • macOS: Chrome > Edit > Find > Find
  • iOS: Safari > address bar: enter text; popup menu (end): On This Page > Find "text"


Several courses have "slideshows", e.g., CROSSWORDS and YOU: Applications: Crosswords on iPad; E-Books: iPad: eReader apps. However, due to a recent site software upgrade and lack of suitable, simple slide show module, screenshots are just displayed as a list of captions and images that can be scrolled normally (no special navigation instructions are needed).