CROSSWORDS: Puzzle Sources

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  • longest crossword booknewspapers, magazines, puzzle books
  • also, printing, .pdf from Applications, Web Sites [below]
  • + no training; familiar
  • + portable
  • + no batteries required
  • wall puzzle+ recyclable
  • - reading glasses, lamp, pen(cil) and/or eraser may be needed
  • - dead trees, delivery trucks


Web Sites


  • nytweb browser with an interactive, embedded player and/or downloadable files
  • + largest number & widest variety of puzzles;
    many newspaper puzzles appear online, e.g., Mail Tribune (Universal); SF Chronicle#1 (LA Times);
    Oregonian #1 (Williams Square), #2 (NYT); Daily Tidings, SF Chronicle#2 (Tulsa World);
    these print puzzles may differ from those offered on newspaper's web site (if any)
  • + save or download puzzle for later?
  • + print, .pdf files?
  • - different user interfaces for sites & embedded players; less customizable
  • - advertising
  • - online connection
  • - if Flash or Java plugin used, security risk/updates or not avail. on all platforms, i.e., iOS
  • [section: Web Sites]




  • desktop and mobile apps to access and solve puzzles
  • crosswords ipad+ download, import, sync puzzles from variety of sources
  • + offline use, save progress
  • + consistent, customizable user interface (vs. multiple web sites)
  • + grid size/layout, font size?
  • + linked clues, e.g., see n-Across
  • + timers; social integration; fastest solvers?
  • + pen/pencil mode
  • + hints; dictionary/search integration?
  • across lite+ printing?
  • - something new to learn
  • - cost (for some; AL free)
  • [section: Applications]


Which to Use?

  • steve ipadIt will depend, of course, on the number, variety and difficulty of puzzles that you'd like to solve, places where you do puzzles, convenience, features desired, comfort level with computers and web sites, etc.
  • Here's what I (Steve) am currently using ("Your mileage may vary")


  • [daily/weekly] Crosswords (iPad): Brendan Quiqley; Chron. of Higher Ed.; Crossword Nation; MacNamara's Band; LA Times*; Newsday; NYT ($); Reagle*; iPad stores 1000s of puzzles, large screen, portable, excellent battery life
  • [occasionally] authoring: Crossword Compiler (Windows app on Mac via Parallels Desktop (VM); formerly via CrossOver); export .puz; generate interactive & .pdf


  • save paper trees[monthly] download *LA Times [.puz] on iPad; save in Crosswords (app) which doesn't access them directly; or download to desktop and print with Across Lite
  • [monthly] download *Reagle (4 current puzzles) to Crosswords, and [.pdf], print
  • [occasionally] download and print CodeWords


  • [daily] Mail Tribune -- sometimes after first pass by spouse
  •[monthly] "Don't Just Do the Puzzle OVER a Cup of Coffee -- Do It ON Your Cup of Coffee"; $10.98 @ Shop N Kart; print clues & .pdf template (to avoid writing on/erasing mug...)
  • [weekly/monthly] Mail Tribune: Sun (NYT); magazines: AARP; The Week
  • [monthly] print puzzles (LAT, Reagle; Codewords; KenKen; Sudoku; Numbrix; ...) for gym bag, car and breakfast table

References: Paper

CROSSWORDS: Sources: Web Sites

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  • nytWhy do sites provide puzzles? joy of sharing; advertising/referrals: sell custom puzzles, services, books, tshirts; benefit for paper subscribers; current, premium or additional puzzles, etc.
  • If you are easily overwhelmed, you might want to start with these puzzle sites, selected from the longer table (below).
  • LA Times (LAT) (create free account)
  • NY Times (NYT) (some free; $)
  • Newsday
  • Reagle, Merl (4 recent; free)
  • Universal (same as Mail Tribune Mo-Sa)
  • Steve's puzzles
  • Washington Post


Downloading Files

  • browsersThere are thousands of web sites where you can print, download or interactively play crosswords. The summary table below lists some of the 'better', 'major' (mostly US) crossword sites, along with several 'List' sites which catalog many more recommended sites. You can discover even more sites on your own by searching, e.g., Google "crossword"; however, it's best to add a particular topic or theme to limit the results, and of course, use safe browsing and computing practices when visiting any site.
  • If you want to download .pdf files for printing later, or .puz files for interactive use in a crossword application, here is a brief refresher on downloading files via your browser:
  1. file linkfind file to download from text description or file (link);
    e.g., NYT 'Classic', Reagle (Sun); LAT;
  2. with cursor, check suffix (.puz, .pdf) in status/location bar; e.g., in Firefox
  3. right-click (Macintosh: ctrl-click) the description (link)
    note: what happens after a (normal) left-click depends on the settings in your browser:
    will it use a browser plugin or helper app to open the file, save file to Downloads folder, or prompt you?
    If file displays in a browser window or tab, use your browser's File: Save As command.
  4. download puzin browser's popup menu, select "Save/Download" command
    • Firefox (example screenshot at right): Save Link As...
    • Safari: Download Linked File As...
    • Chrome: Save Link As...
    • Internet Explorer: Save Target As...
  5. choose location (folder) to save file
  6. open file in appropriate application (double click file, or right-click: Open With), e.g., .pdf with Adobe Acrobat; .puz with Across Lite
  7. solve and enjoy!

Web Sources

Source Formats Features
  • alphabetically by site name, newspaper, author/editor or [syndicate]
  • a site should work with any web browser/computer, subject to Format requirements
  • over time, sites may change puzzle providers or formats, restrict access (e.g., subscribers only), or disappear -- check site lists of Johnston and Hamel
  • JavaScript (JS): available in most browsers
  • Java, Flash: browser support required; unavailable on some platforms, i.e., iOS
  • .puz: download file to Open later in an application, e.g., Across Lite, Crosswords
  • .pdf: download; requires PDF viewer app, i.e., Adobe (Acrobat) Reader or Preview (macOS); interactive app may provide a printable version
  • .gif, .jpg, .png: graphics file; print from your browser or an image application
  • CW: available directly via Crosswords app
  • site list: listing of other puzzle sites
  • availability/location of commands (e.g., Check, Reveal), and keyboard navigation (next clue; toggle between Across and Down) will vary for each site/puzzle app; read instructions
  • many sites allow printing from browser and include solutions
  • many sites limit puzzle availability: 1 week - 1 month archive; print or online access lag
  • additional links may be provided for other formats and puzzles
  • many sites are free; a few premium(subscription) sites, e.g., NYT, Telegraph
  • some sites may not display well (or at all) on smaller devices -- see Applications Java, .puz, .pdf Acrostics, Cryptic, Diagramless, Easy, Foreign Language,
Kids, NYT (Easy: M,T,W), Newspaper, Standard
American Crossword Puzzle Tournament site list # sites: online: 22; American: 13; Cryptic: 21;
Crisscross: 9; Kids: 4; non-English: 31
Try/time yourself on 8 tournament puzzles! 2006: free; 2008-2017: $20/year; Java required; Win/Mac
Ashland Daily Tidings NA (not avail on paper's site?) paper: Mon-Sat: Tulsa World [United]?
Boston Globe [Universal] Flash Sun: [.puz]; 2012 Emily Cox & Henry Rathvon, eds.
ChrisWords .puz, .pdf, CW Sun; Chris King
Chronicle of Higher Education .puz, CW Fri; Patrick Berry, ed.
Cruciverb list .puz (LAT, WashPost); sites; blogs
Gaffney, Matt Java; .puz?; CW M-F
Guardian (UK) JS Quick, Cryptic, Quiptic, Genius, ...
Hamel, Ray site list # sites: Daily: 47; Weekly: 26; Monthly: 16
non-English: 54; Other: 195 -- no longer updated
Independent (UK) image; CW Concise; Cryptic
Inkwell Java; CW Fri: [.puz]; 2012 Ben Tausig, ed.
Johnston, Will site list # sites: US: 17; Cryptic: 14
WJ: [.puz] themed; themeless; cryptic
Jonesin' Java; CW Thu: [.puz] Matt Jones
Joseph [King] JS, .pdf; CW Thomas Joseph
Klahn, Bob [CrossSynergy] .puz, .gif, Java
LA Times Flash, .puz; CW* [.puz] (via browse) (create free account);
Rich Norris & Joyce Nichols Lewis, eds.
paper: San Francisco Chronicle #1
+Sun [Flash] same as Merl Reagle
Mail Tribune image page reproduction;
Mon-Sat: [Universal];
Sun: [NYT]; JumbleCrosswords
New York Times [NYT] JS, .puz; CW daily: "Premium" $7/mo; $40/yr (less for digital/paywall subscribers)
Classic; Learning Network (~Wed)
5 free puzzles; articles
paper, e.g., (MT Sun: 1 week lag) ">Mo; Tu; We (archive; 2-6 year lag)
11 Remarkable Crosswords for New Solvers hand-picked samples by Will Shortz; 2/14/2017
indexes: nytxword; xwordinfo$; by constructor
1942-1993 from Pre-Shortzian Puzzle Project
paper: Mail Tribune (Sun; 1 week lag); Oregonian #2 (5 week lag)
daily Seattle Times; (6 week lag; Java, .pdf; paywall?)
Wordplay blog; Solving section: other blogs
Newsday [Creator] Java; .pdf; CW Stanley Newman, ed.
(Onion) AV Club .puz, .pdf; CW Wed: [.puz]; 2012 Ben Tausig, ed.
Oregonian [King] JS, .pdf online: Joseph, Premier, Sheffer
paper: #1 [Williams Square]; #2 [NYT]
Piscop, Fred .puz same as MIstupid JS
archives [.puz]: #1, #2
Premier [King] JS, .pdf; CW Sun; Donna Stone
Quigley, Brendan Emmett JS, .pdf, .puz; CW Bawdy Language
Reagle, Merl JS; .pdf; CW* Sun: [.puz]; 2012; Phil. Inq.; unfortunately, Reagle died in 2015, so 'new' puzzles are from previous years site list # sites: 68
San Francisco Chronicle [Universal] Flash paper: #1 (LA Times); #2: Tulsa World [United]
Sheffer [King] JS, .pdf; CW Eugene Sheffer
Telegraph (UK) CW Cryptic, Quick and others; $
Tulsa World [United Feature? Univ?] Flash, .pdf paper: Ashland Daily Tidings; SF Chronicle #2
(UK) Crossword Puzzles site list # sites: American: 8; Education: 5; Other: 7;
Cryptic: 17; Themed: 4
[Universal] (uclick) Flash paper: Mail Tribune Mon-Sat;
other crosswords
USA Today Flash Quick Cross (4x4)
Wall Street Journal (WSJ): Fri, Sat Flash, Java, .pdf Fri: [.puz] Mike Shenk, ed.
Washington Post [CrosSynergy] Flash, .pdf [.puz] (via browse)
Post Puzzler Peter Gordon, ed.
Steve's crosswords
enneagram crucigram
tour de fat empty
tour de fat filling-in
JS; .pdf; .puz

Enneagram Crucigram; Dec 2012
Imagine the form of the Enneagram projected onto a gridded crossword space:
an "Enneagram Crucigram" (crossword in Spanish is "crucigrama")
The result is a (roughly) circular, mostly symmetric crossword puzzle,
with 9 Enneagram vertex points (gray squares),
clockwise from top: 9, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8?
Theme: a typical name for each Enneagram type begins/ends at (or near) its point;
a corresponding bold "#" clue indicates its starting location.
Other words, some from psychology and philosophy, fill out the structure.

A Winning Combo; 3/20/2013
a draft mashup / time capsule for the 100th-anniversary of the Crossword
Wynne's diamond-shaped original (in center), includes notes for solvers of our era;
my 4 corner puzzles describe the original puzzle (who, where, why, when, what),
and use contemporary words/clues that would have been unknown to solvers of 1913.

Internet Connection; Malware; Browsing (OLLI Course: Be Safer on the Internet)

An OLLI Olio: Ooh La La; Nov 2011; OLLI at SOU

Water, Water Somewhere?; Apr 2015; (Ashland Garden Club)

Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) #1 (Ashland CERT)

Tour de Fat; Sep 4, 2010
For the Tour de Fat bicycle parade,
Steve and daughter Kristina created a custom crossword
puzzle costume -- divided into grid & clues (photos on left).
Other riders would stop us in order to fill in an answer;
warning: quite difficult if we were riding, or if someone were
unfamiliar with New Belgium beers and the Ft. Collins area.

Hikes & Gear (Lightweight Backpackers (BIG))

CrozzWord samples [.puz]: Phones; Cell Networks; Caffeine; First; Handheld History

Pilates (Pull-Lattes)

CMC (Chemistry, Manufacturing & Controls -- for Pharmaceuticals;

Nutrition: Fats [Java]


CROSSWORDS: Weyer: A Winning Combo

CROSSWORDS: Weyer: A Winning Combo webadmin Wed, 12/11/2013 - 08:28

CROSSWORDS: Weyer: An OLLI Olio: Ooh La La

CROSSWORDS: Weyer: An OLLI Olio: Ooh La La webadmin Wed, 12/11/2013 - 09:28


CROSSWORDS: Weyer: CERT1 webadmin Mon, 01/11/2016 - 13:21

CROSSWORDS: Weyer: CMC (Chemistry Manufacturing Controls)

CROSSWORDS: Weyer: CMC (Chemistry Manufacturing Controls) webadmin Wed, 12/11/2013 - 09:26

CROSSWORDS: Weyer: Pilates (Pull-Lattes)

CROSSWORDS: Weyer: Pilates (Pull-Lattes) webadmin Wed, 12/11/2013 - 09:31

CROSSWORDS: Weyer: Tour de Fat 2010

CROSSWORDS: Weyer: Tour de Fat 2010 webadmin Wed, 12/11/2013 - 09:33

CROSSWORDS: Sources: Applications

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  • tablet appAs mentioned earlier, desktop and mobile applications can automatically download puzzles from selected sites, optimize puzzle size/layout for different size displays, and provide a consistent (and often customizable) user interface, along with other features.
  • There are a large number of crossword apps (some free) that provide puzzles (some free, others via in-app purchases)
  • Several apps access a single puzzle source, e.g., Guardian, NYT, Penny Dell, Telegraph
  • We will focus on two, popular, well-maintained applications that are cross-platform and that can access puzzles from multiple sources:
  • Across Lite
  • Crosswords
  • Below is a table of a few applications for solving crosswords (apps for Authoring will be covered later).
  • This list is incomplete and likely out-of-date -- additions, corrections welcome.
App Name Platform(s) Cost Formats Features Screen
  • alphabetically by app name, or app site
  • check vendors and app stores for latest versions, features and requirements
  • desktop/laptop:
    Mac (Macintosh),
    Win (Windows),
    Lnx (Linux)
  • tablet: iPad, ...
  • smartphone: iPhone, iPodT (iPod Touch), Palm, Blackberry, Android
    iOS: iPad, iPhone, iPodT
  • eval or free 'light' version available?
  • .puz (Across Lite) format
  • other file formats?
  • common: Check/Reveal, printing, etc.
  • read FAQs and review articles (via vendor or app sites).
  • image, gallery (slideshow) (for a few apps)
Across Lite [Litsoft];
[via NYT]
Mac 10.3+
Mac 9.x-10.2
free .puz +check/reveal
+customize ui
across lite
Gallery: Across Lite on Mac & iPad
Demo: on Mac?
iPad tour
Solve Crosswords With Across Lite
Across Trainer iPad $7 .puz ?
American Crossword Tournament app list
Black Ink Mac $25 .puz ?
Boatload of Crosswords Win $20 100,000 puzzles
play online
CrossCraze Win $20 ?
Crossword Twist Win, Mac, Lnx $10 Fill-In; Jigsaw; Cipher
Crosswords Android GooglePlay
iOS7 iTunes
iOS4+: ? Light; Classic iTunes
Mac 10.6+ iTunes
Palm OS
Web OS catalog
Win 8/RT: ? Daily store
.puz +download:
  US sites: 20
  'UK': 5; $: 4
  see *Web Sources
  free: limited

+browser .puz
+sync w/ desktop
+customize ui
+puzzle info
Gallery: regular, Classic iPad
Demo: on Mac?
FAQ: regular, Classic
You Should Play: Crosswords 8/10/2012
Crossword Puzzle Fans, Toss Away That Eraser 7/11/2012
CrozzWord Mac (8.x-10.x)
Zaurus (Lnx)
S-E P800
iPaq PPC
NA .puz
-sites out of date
+customize ui
+cross refs
+puzzle info
mac crozzword
Gallery: Zaurus, etc.?
Demo: on Mac?
DigWords Win, Mac $20 ? Win, Mac app list search: 'crossword',
check Platform
Hamel, Ray app list (=50) +authoring
-few viewers
-list up-to-date?
iTunes Store:
Games: Word
(starting with "C")
app list: iOS search: 'crossword'
in iTunes app or
on your device
KrossWordz Mac $8 .puz ?
New York Times Crossword iOS, Win free ? free: samples, mini-crosswords
$: current, archive
- NYT only
Improvements Made to NYT Crossword iOS App 1/14/2015
New York Times Crossword app gets its appeal across (and down) version 2.0; 5/31/2014
(UK) Crossword Puzzles app list
USA Today iPad free 2 weeks puzzles; +news
Word Buff app list
2 Across
2 Across LE
iPhone,iPodT $6

Misc. Apps, Devices, References

CROSSWORDS: Gallery. Across Lite

CROSSWORDS: Gallery. Across Lite webadmin Mon, 04/04/2011 - 18:58



  1. Litsoft: download Mac,Win; free
  2. Mac; open a local .puz file
  3. Puzzles1: after opening fresh puzzle
  4. Puzzles2: after entering a few answers
  5. Help: separate, via web browser
  6. Help: user manual in web browser
  7. Check: letter, word, all
  8. Reveal: letter, word, all, incorrect only
  9. Preferences: Solving
    prefs: solving
  10. Preferences: Layout
    prefs: layout
  11. Preferences: Printing
    prefs: print
  12. Preferences: Tools
    prefs: tools
  13. Print: puzzle, solution; 2-page option for large puzzles
  14. Puzzles3: all done|
  15. iPad; App Store: Across Lite; free
    iPad app
  16. iPad; App Store: Across Crossword Trainer; $
    iPad app
  17. iPad; Library of puzzles
  18. Page layout; note: thumb keyboard border
  19. List layout
  20. Commands
  21. Settings
  22. Help

CROSSWORDS: Gallery. Crosswords Classic on iPad

CROSSWORDS: Gallery. Crosswords Classic on iPad webadmin Fri, 01/21/2011 - 10:49



  1. iPad: App Store; Classic; $
    app store
  2. iPad: App Store; Light; free
    light version
  3. Mac: App Store; Crosswords; $
    app store
  4. Mac: App Store; Light; free
    light version
  5. Main: clue highlighting; touch or kbd to toggle Across/Down or select clue; resize font w/ gesture; icons for puzzles/settings/cmds
  6. Puzzles1: update; imported: (sync iTunes); bundles($); downloaded (internet: LAT)
  7. Puzzles2: add older puzzles: skipped update or new provider
  8. Settings1: providers (most free); more puz($); share times
  9. Settings2: skip; highlight; timer; display; kbd
  10. Providers1: Premium($): Quigley; NYT; Telegr. Cryptic&Quick
  11. Providers2: US-style: Chron. of Higher Ed.; I Swear; Ink Well; Jonesin'; Joseph; NYT Classic; Newsday; People; ...
  12. Providers3: Premier; Sheffer; Onion; Wash. Post Puzzler&TV
  13. Providers4: UK-style&Cryptic: Independent Concise&Cryptic; Manchester Eve. News
  14. Commands1: Check; Reveal; Peek; Search:; Google; new:; Wikipedia; Wiktionary
  15. Commands2: Clear; Hints; Puz Info; Print
  16. Info: Title; Author; Date; Diffic.; Source; % Compl.; Size; Time
  17. Safari: LA Times(requires login; free account); select a puzzle
  18. Safari: Open with? -- Crosswords or Across Lite

CROSSWORDS: Gallery. Crosswords on iPad

CROSSWORDS: Gallery. Crosswords on iPad webadmin Tue, 12/10/2013 - 15:54



  1. App Store
  2. Main: clue highlighting; touch or kbd to toggle Across/Down or select clue
  3. Main: 2-finger tap to adjust font/grid size
  4. Puzzles1: icon view of downloaded puzzles
  5. Puzzles2: list view of available puzzles; bundles($)
  6. Puzzles3: Active Sources (free): A-M
  7. Puzzles4: Active Sources: N-Z
  8. Puzzles5: Disabled Sources
  9. Puzzles6: Other: Older; Browse; Bundles
  10. Puzzles7: Bundles($)
  11. Puzzles8: Older puzzles (for Active Sources) -- such as skipped update or new provider
  12. Settings: Account(for posting/bragging times); Skip; Errors; Timer
  13. Commands1: Check; Reveal; Hints (; Rebus (more than 1 char)
  14. Commands2: Check current clue; hold down for entire puzzle
  15. Commands3: Reveal current answer; hold down for entire puzzle
  16. Commands4: Hints: lookup clue and answer patterns
  17. Info: Title; Author; Date; Diffic.; Source; % Compl.; Size; Time
  18. Browse1: other .puz sites; select LA Times (& login; free account)
  19. Browse2: LA Times; 4 weeks avail; select a puzzle
  20. Browse3: play immediately or download another
  21. Browse4: Steve's .puz section

CROSSWORDS: Gallery. CrozzWord on Zaurus, Mac, etc.

CROSSWORDS: Gallery. CrozzWord on Zaurus, Mac, etc. webadmin Fri, 01/21/2011 - 11:08



  1. Zaurus SL-5500: Linux handheld w/ Java, slideout kbd; 2001
  2. Puzzle: clue highlighting
  3. Categories: Local; Authors; Major Sites; Newspapers/Magazines; Themes: Arts, Business, Lang., Living, Misc., Place, Religion, Science
  4. Category: Author
  5. Category: Major Sites
  6. Category: Newspapers/Magazines
  7. Category: Newspapers/Magazines; Provider:NYT; "Hosts"(sources)
  8. Prefs: configuration, font, color, size
  9. Commands: Edit menu, Reveal : Letter
  10. Puzzle: letter shown (red corner)
  11. Puzzle: long clue, expanded cross-refs
  12. Help screen
  13. Info: Title, Author, Source, Size
  14. Mac OS 9
  15. Mac OS X
  16. Windows
  17. Sony Ericsson P800 (Symbian)
  18. iPaq PPC