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This 'chapter' contains several introductory sections common to several of my classes, e.g., Bio, Resources, Navigation, Handouts.

All Courses: Introduction: Resources

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This Site

  • browsersThese online pages will be used for course presentation & resources (including additional article references and reviews), and will be updated each time I offer the course. The course link (URL) is in the course catalog, will usually be emailed to registered students, and can be found under the "OLLI Courses" menu item at top, or directly:
  • This online version allows you to preview the course before registering, and to explore items (articles, web sites) that we skim/skip or that you miss, or want to refer to later; it also allows me to update the course easily with new or revised items. It's scalable and mobile-friendly for smaller screens. See Navigation section: menus, search, sizing, slideshows. If you need a paper (or pdf) version, see Handouts section.
  • I plan to keep these pages available (and updated for current courses) for the foreseeable future. However, you should be able to locate current & earlier versions on the Internet Archive (aka Wayback Machine); also, How to copy a whole website before it vanishes 5/23/2016


  • For most topics, I generally provide a References section, with links to Wikipedia, HowStuffWorks, New York Times, and other sources -- these are good starting points, though certainly not the only ones, for further exploration.
  • Newest articles usually appear at top of Reference sections; some older articles may be less useful / relevant for more recent versions of systems or apps.
  • I usually recheck validity of links prior to teaching a course. However, the web is in constant flux, so if you encounter an error or 'broken link', please let me know the article name or link -- and the course page where you found it.
  • Some sites may limit article access by requiring login or subscription, by
    • imposing a monthly quota (you may be able to bypass some quotas or a 'paywall' temporarily via private browsing, or by clearing cookies),
    • requiring you to disable your adblocker (i.e., whitelist their site),
    • or discouraging private browsing.
  • Any images or other media provided on this site are for instructional/personal use and should not be redistributed.

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topics xwdThere are several options for viewing and navigating these pages.

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  • [2] iOS: Add your own "+/-" commands to the bookmark bar area
  • Change the Font Size of Web Pages in Safari for iOS with Bookmarklets 5/22/2012

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  • This site contains some interactive crossword puzzles.
  • Clues/direction can be chosen via tapping or cursor keys
  • Use keyboard to enter answers
  • The top of each puzzle page lists any special buttons, i.e., Check, Reveal

All Courses: Introduction: Handouts

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  • You can review the 'slides' and references for this course by browsing these web pages.
  • Since these course web pages are dynamic (and lengthy), there are no paper handouts.


  • You can make your own offline version: for printer, or a .pdf for computer, tablet, or eReader.
  • If you want to see Interactive elements, e.g., partial quotes/jokes..., crossword clues=, manually expand each before printing.
  • To print a particular page, e.g.:
    [via menu] OLLI Courses > Be Safer on the Internet > Introduction > Topics
    [via URL]
  • Click on "Printer-friendly version" (link at bottom right of page) to create a simpler page format without header, menu, footer; it includes any subsections -- this may take a little while to generate
  • Page width may affect layout of images.
  • Note: after each (sub)section's title, there's currently an extra line showing the title and date last modified
  • (browser) > File > Print
  • If you want only the presentation part of the topic -- and not all of the References, or other subsections (in a higher-level section), review / adjust page range before hitting the Print button!
  • To print the entire course, go to the main (top) page for the course, e.g.:
    [menu] OLLI Courses > Be Safer on the Internet
  • Click "Printer-friendly" link at bottom right -- this will include all pages in the course
  • (browser) > File > Print
  • Depending on your skill and OS, you might be able to select "PDF" as your print destination
  • macOS: (print window) > PDF (menu at lower left) > Save PDF
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