• sheet music1971: Crossword Puzzle (song)
  • 1976: Starting Here, Starting Now (musical): Crossword Puzzle (song)
  • 1978: American Crossword Puzzle Tournament (ACPT)


  • rendell one across two downOne Across, Two Down (novel) by Ruth Rendell;
    "There are only two things that interest Stanley: the crosswords and getting his hands on his mother-in-law's money"
  • Where Have All Our Heroes Gones (song) by Bill Anderson, album Where Have All Our Heroes Gone;
    lyrics: "And sometimes when it rained you'd sit beside me / And we'd race raindrops down the window pane
    You'd bring me coffee and we'd work crossword puzzles together / We don't do anything together now"
  • Crossword (song) (video; 2:18) by Jeff Cooper and the Stoned Wings, album Purple Haze / Tribute to Jimi Hendrix


  • danaCrossword Puzzle (song) by Dana (BBC Top of the Pops) from album All Kinds of Everything; MayasMix @ 18:35;
    lyrics: "Isn't life a little bit like a crossword puzzle? Giving you lots of trouble / I'm scratching my head to find the clues
    In the black and white that make up yesterday's news / And my crossword puzzle is keeping me in a muddle"




  • sheet musicCrossword Puzzle (song) (video; 4:51) from musical Starting Here, Starting Now; MayasMix @ 43:25; lyrics: "I am sitting here doing the Sunday Times Crossword Puzzle. Somehow the words won't come. I am staring at squares but my eyes never focus, and my mind's feeling strangely numb. It's a fact that a word..."; synopsis: "A woman holding a NY Times's reveals that ever since her Hecky left her, she has been unable to focus on the crossword puzzle. As she tries to answer some clues, she is continually distracted by thoughts of him. Slowly, it is understood that the reason Hecky left her was because, being the intelligent woman that she is, when they did the crossword together, she always got all of the answers before him. This led to much frustration and arguing and eventually Hecky couldn't handle it anymore. As she stumbles through each clue, she becomes more upset and less in control of her emotions."




  • sudoku take turnsHoward Garns creates the modern Sudoku puzzle for Dell Magazines under the name "Number Place" -- the first pen-and-paper puzzle to rival the crossword in popularity, though this spike in popularity would occur decades later under the name Sudoku.
  • Crossword (song) by Jethro Tull, album Stormwatch (iTunes; 3:38); MayasMix @ 00:00;
    lyrics: "Life is a clue in your crossword...Your life is a clue in the crossword."


  • Wikipedia: 1970s
  • The Decades That Invented the Future: Part 8: 1970s Apple II; Weapons-Grade Lasers; Pentagon Papers; Title IX; Computer Printers; Altair; Atari; Modern Sci-Fi ETs; Anti-Lock Braking System; Color Fine-Art Photography; Fractals; Nixon's nuclear "Project Independence"; 12/13/2012
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