• shortz1990: World Wide Web (proposed)
  • 1993: Will Shortz, 4th NYT crossword editor
  • 1996: Election ('quantum') Crossword; Across Lite format


  • landscape painted with teaWorld Wide Web proposed
  • Crossword Concerto (song) by Robert Wells, album Rhapsody in Rock II
  • Landscape Painted With Tea (book) by Milorad Pavic; "A failed architect's search for his father, an officer who vanished in Greece during World War II, becomes a labyrinthine puzzle, inextricably bound to the history of the ancient monastery on Mount Athos". It's organized as a crossword puzzle: "Readers may approach the book chronologically by reading only the 'Across' sections, or less chronologically and with more digressions by reading the 'Down' sections. Either strategy gradually reveals the story of a soul-searching architect who roams a labyrinth of meditation and memory." "In ergodic literature, nontrivial effort is required to allow the reader to traverse the text"
  • More Than Words (song) (video; 4:17) (wikipedia) by Extreme, album Pornograffitti;
    lyrics: "How easy it would be to show me how you feel; More than words is all you have to do to make it real"


  • 50 year anniversaryNothing Turned Out Right (song) by Demon, album Hold On To The Dream; lyrics: "So I walked in the sunshine / And suddenly it started to rain / So I reached for the crossword / But couldn't find where I'd left my brain / It's just one of those days / When nothing turns out right"





  • oliver's travelsCrossword Blues (song) (video; 6:07; lyrics: 4:10-) by Rob Tognoni, album Stones and Colours; MayasMix @ 89:50; lyrics: "lately I've been learnin' to do the crossword everyday / it's just one of those things I'm gonna need to while my lonely hours away"
  • Oliver's Travels TV; PBS; "When Oliver (Alan Bates) ... is laid off by his university, he resolves to visit Aristotle, a famous compiler of crossword puzzles. When Oliver discovers that Aristotle's home has been ransacked and Aristotle is nowhere to be found, ..."; Guardian article


  • animated election puzzleElection Day Puzzle: The clue to the middle answer across the grid was "Lead story in tomorrow's newspaper." The answer appeared to be CLINTON ELECTED. Because of intentional ambiguity in the crossing clues, however, the answer could also have been BOB DOLE ELECTED. Either answer fitted. For example, the crossing clue Black Halloween animal could have been either BAT or CAT, with the C for CLINTON or the B the start of BOB DOLE. "It was the most amazing crossword I've ever seen. As soon as it appeared, my telephone started ringing. Most people said 'How dare you presume that Clinton will win!' And the people who filled in BOB DOLE thought we'd made a whopper of a mistake!" ~Will Shortz; this is known as a quantum (or Schrödinger) crossword for simultaneously having 2 states
  • NYT adopts Across Lite application & .puz format




  • puzzle ladyA Clue for the Puzzle Lady (mystery, 1st in Puzzle Lady series) by Parnell Hall; synopsis: "Amateur sleuth Miss Cora Felton, an eccentric, nationally-syndicated crossword puzzle columnist whose craving for trouble has increased with age. When the body of an unknown teenager carrying a cryptic, crossword-like message is found in the local cemetery". Other books: Last Puzzle and Testament, Puzzled To Death, ...
  • The Pre-Shortzian Puzzle Project: Bring Old New York Times Crosswords into the Digital Age Litz-ing NYT puzzles: 1942-1994; solve those puzzles
  • Kill the Man (movie);
    "Guy: What are you doing in my parking lot?
    Bob Stein: Murder.
    Stanley Simon: Yeah, handsome guy too.
    Guy: The corpse just moved!
    Stanley Simon: They tend to do that sometimes. I once saw a man finish a crossword puzzle after being shot five times.
    Bob Stein: Sunday edition too."
  • murderThe Crossword Murder (mystery) by Nero Blanc from Crossword Mysteries (series)
  • Nobody Knows Anybody (Nadie Conoce a Nadie) (movie); "Simon (Eduardo Noriega), a crossword-puzzle writer, receives a cryptic message threatening him with death if certain words don't appear in his puzzles."
  • Your Dictionary (song) (video; 3:30) by XTC, album Apple Venus Volume 1;
    lyrics: "H-A-T-E -- is that how you spell love in your dictionary...There are no words for me inside your dictionary"
  • The Story of Us (movie); Ms. Pfeiffer's character designs crossword puzzles. Mr. Willis goes from skepticism that anyone can make a living at such an activity to examining, later in his marriage, his wife's puzzles for insights into their relationship and its decidedly murky prospects; he starts to see her crosswords as secret messages. Wikipedia; NYT


  • Wikipedia: 1990s
  • The Decades That Invented the Future: Part 10: 1990s Sony Playstation; GPS-Guided Munitions; Linux; MP3 Player; RQ-1 Predator Drone; Oklahoma City Bombing; Photoshop; The Internet (web); Dark Energy; Women's Soccer; Web Design; venture capitalist (John Doerr); 1/25/2013
  • Paleofuture: 1990s