CROSSWORDS: Choose Appropriate Difficulty


  • dog solvingChoose a level of difficulty appropriate for you
  • Balance challenge and frustration -- not too easy, not impossible
  • 'mini' (5x5) puzzle, e.g., NTYT; very easy
  • 'commuter' puzzle = same weekday difficulty, e.g., Mail Tribune, USA Today
  • NYT, LAT: Mon = 'easiest', ..., Sat = 'most difficult'; NYT Sun = ~'hard Wed / easy Thu'
  • "Saturday Stumper" (Newsday) even harder? or Cryptics for novices?
  • e.g., Monday-level clues: "Nabisco cookie,"" "Cookie with creme filling", "'Twist, Lick, Dunk' cookie"
  • e.g., Saturday-level clues: "Snack since 1912", "It has 12 flowers on each side", "Sandwich often given a twist"
  • You can make any puzzle easier, e.g., by asking a partner/friend or using tools (later)
  •    -- or harder, e.g., Crossword Golf (below)