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  • tablet appAs mentioned earlier, desktop and mobile applications can automatically download puzzles from selected sites, optimize puzzle size/layout for different size displays, and provide a consistent (and often customizable) user interface, along with other features.
  • There are a large number of crossword apps (some free) that provide puzzles (some free, others via in-app purchases)
  • Several apps access a single puzzle source, e.g., Guardian, NYT, Penny Dell, Telegraph
  • We will focus on two, popular, well-maintained applications that are cross-platform and that can access puzzles from multiple sources:
  • Across Lite
  • Crosswords
  • Below is a table of a few applications for solving crosswords (apps for Authoring will be covered later).
  • This list is incomplete and likely out-of-date -- additions, corrections welcome.
App Name Platform(s) Cost Formats Features Screen
  • alphabetically by app name, or app site
  • check vendors and app stores for latest versions, features and requirements
  • desktop/laptop:
    Mac (Macintosh),
    Win (Windows),
    Lnx (Linux)
  • tablet: iPad, ...
  • smartphone: iPhone, iPodT (iPod Touch), Palm, Blackberry, Android
    iOS: iPad, iPhone, iPodT
  • eval or free 'light' version available?
  • .puz (Across Lite) format
  • other file formats?
  • common: Check/Reveal, printing, etc.
  • read FAQs and review articles (via vendor or app sites).
  • image, gallery (slideshow) (for a few apps)
Across Lite [Litsoft];
[via NYT]
Mac 10.3+
Mac 9.x-10.2
free .puz +check/reveal
+customize ui
across lite
Gallery: Across Lite on Mac & iPad
Demo: on Mac?
iPad tour
Solve Crosswords With Across Lite
Across Trainer iPad $7 .puz ?
American Crossword Tournament app list
Black Ink Mac $25 .puz ?
Boatload of Crosswords Win $20 100,000 puzzles
play online
CrossCraze Win $20 ?
Crossword Twist Win, Mac, Lnx $10 Fill-In; Jigsaw; Cipher
Crosswords Android GooglePlay
iOS7 iTunes
iOS4+: ? Light; Classic iTunes
Mac 10.6+ iTunes
Palm OS
Web OS catalog
Win 8/RT: ? Daily store
.puz +download:
  US sites: 20
  'UK': 5; $: 4
  see *Web Sources
  free: limited

+browser .puz
+sync w/ desktop
+customize ui
+puzzle info
Gallery: regular, Classic iPad
Demo: on Mac?
FAQ: regular, Classic
You Should Play: Crosswords 8/10/2012
Crossword Puzzle Fans, Toss Away That Eraser 7/11/2012
CrozzWord Mac (8.x-10.x)
Zaurus (Lnx)
S-E P800
iPaq PPC
NA .puz
-sites out of date
+customize ui
+cross refs
+puzzle info
mac crozzword
Gallery: Zaurus, etc.?
Demo: on Mac?
DigWords Win, Mac $20 ? Win, Mac app list search: 'crossword',
check Platform
Hamel, Ray app list (=50) +authoring
-few viewers
-list up-to-date?
iTunes Store:
Games: Word
(starting with "C")
app list: iOS search: 'crossword'
in iTunes app or
on your device
KrossWordz Mac $8 .puz ?
New York Times Crossword iOS, Win free ? free: samples, mini-crosswords
$: current, archive
- NYT only
Improvements Made to NYT Crossword iOS App 1/14/2015
New York Times Crossword app gets its appeal across (and down) version 2.0; 5/31/2014
(UK) Crossword Puzzles app list
USA Today iPad free 2 weeks puzzles; +news
Word Buff app list
2 Across
2 Across LE
iPhone,iPodT $6

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