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The following 3 slideshows illustrate selected apps on the iPad. Most screenshots are in portrait orientation, though most books/apps can be rotated to landscape. An iPad eReader app (e.g., Kindle) will appear and behave somewhat differently from its respectively named eReader device, e.g., access to an E-bookstore will occur via web browser and not directly "in app" (to avoid Apple's fees and policies). There are many apps included below for demonstration purposes; minimize the number of eReader apps you actually need and use in practice -- to minimize learning about different navigation controls, and remembering which app (and library) to access in order to find and read a book (there is no unified library across apps)!

  • apps (eReaders: Apple): iBooks (books, .pdf), Newsstand
  • apps (eReaders: 3rd parties): Goodreader (.pdf), Google, Kindle, Kobo, Nook, Overdrive
  • apps (enhanced 'books'): Alice, Crosswords, Epicurious, Leafsnap, Lonely Planet, Marvel, Seafood Watch, Shakespeare, Topomaps, Toy Story, SF Travel, Unesco, WebMD