E-books: Tablets and eReaders

which readerThe following sections discuss devices, describe features, provide initial comparisons, and review a few "major" eReaders and tablets from companies with associated eBookstores; "?" marks models that may be discontinued or not yet announced.

  • eBook-only device
  • black&white "eInk" display (diag. size); light*; buttons/keyboard; WiFi,3G?
  • battery life: days, weeks; weight: ~8 oz.; ~$70-
  • 5": Kobo Mini
  • 6": Kindle (Keyboard; Paperwhite*); Kobo (Touch; Glo*); Nook SimpleTouch (Glowlight*)
  • sticky note PCeBooks (via eReader apps) and other apps (including 'enhanced' eBooks)
  • color LCD display (diag. size); touch interface; WiFi,3G/4G? web/email access, apps, games, ...
  • battery life: hours; ~$150-500
  • 7": Kindle Fire; Kobo Arc; Nook HD; iPad Mini (7.9")
  • 9": Kindle Fire HD (8.9"); Nook HD Plus (9.5"); iPad2, iPad w/ Retina Display (9.7")
Other Devices
  • phone featurescan be used to read E-books -- to be discussed briefly later
  • smartphone, MP3 players: small (or no) screen?
  • desktop, laptop computers: portability?
  • non-major/non-publisher eReaders, general tablets: support?
General Discussion