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Zaurus [PJ]

14-Nov-2003: CrozzWord 1.4
crozzword_1.4_arm.ipk [82K]

Symbian [PJ]

14-Nov-2003: CrozzWord 1.4
crozzword.sis [89K]

Java 2 Micro Edition [J2ME]

14-Nov-2003: CrozzWordM 1.0
.jar [64K] (if over-the-air download of .jad unsuccessful)

PocketPC (iPaq) [PJ]

14-Nov-2003: CrozzWord 1.4
manual installation: see readme (not actually tested...) [84K]

Windows [Java]

14-Nov-2003: CrozzWord 1.4
CrozzWord_Installer.exe [1.65M]

Macintosh OS X [Java]

14-Nov-2003: CrozzWord 1.4 [1.26M]

Macintosh OS Classic (8.1-9.2.2) [Java]

14-Nov-2003: CrozzWord 1.4
CrozzWord_Installer.bin [1.55M]

Other platforms, e.g., Linux [Java]

If there's enough interest, I may provide a separate installer or .zip and readme. Please let me know of successes (or problems).

  1. obtain files from Zaurus .ipk (using tar, gzip) or from installed Windows or Macintosh version
  2. extract crozzword.jar and help/ into same directory
  3. java -cp crozzword.jar CrozzWord

Puzzles (.puz)

Sample puzzles are available in CrozzWord via Local Directory/Samples. However, if you would like to try CrozzWord's samples in another crossword application, you can download the .puz files (Across Lite format):

  1. Phones
  2. Cell Networks
  3. Caffeine
  4. "First"
  5. Handheld History


If you encounter problems, be sure to provide specific details:

If you have success with configurations or Java/Personal Java/J2ME devices/platforms, different from those I've noted/tested, please let me know.

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