CrozzWord is an application for displaying and solving crossword puzzles and cryptics.

Dec 2010: CrozzWord is not currently supported. The software itself will probably work on most Java-capable platforms (and you can still download it). However, the site & puzzle lists have become out-of-date. I recently updated the "Newspapers/Magazines" category, but cannot commit to updating the other categories or providing other support.

CrozzWord is available on many Java-capable platforms, e.g.:

Personal Java(PJ)
Zaurus, Symbian, PocketPC
current version: 1.4, 14-Nov-2003
Windows, Macintosh
current version: 1.4, 14-Nov-2003
MIDP devices, e.g, cellphones
current version: 1.0, 14-Nov-2003

puzzle screenshot

23 Nov 2002: CrozzWord was awarded 1st place in Entertainment/Educational/Multimedia category in JPDA 2002 Application Developers Contest for Zaurus and iPaq sponsored by Insignia Solutions, HP, Intel, Metrowerks, Sharp, Softbank Publishing and Sun Microsystems.

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