Possible Bugs, Fixes, Features

This page describes current known problems/issues, some possible future enhancements, and some development background. Removed many older (1.0-1.2) comments. [This needs to be updated to reflect 1.4 more accurately]

Items are grouped loosely by category, and may be tagged with:

indicates a general issue, problem or possible feature
a known problem, usually system-related
feature or fix introduced as of a particular version
in registered user version

platform-specific notes

The Windows and Macintosh installers/uninstallers use InstallAnywhere.

accessible in Games menu/tab
works best in standard portrait orientation
Prefs: Browser, Help: opera & helpbrowser
CrozzWord installation currently a manual process
mini-keyboard menu eliminates need for popup soft keyboard; Transcriber not accessed by Jeode
Prefs layout combines Pencil and Square rows
Open/Save limited to My Documents folders
Prefs: Browser, Help: IELaunch (uses DLL)
after initial startup, check/change Browser and Help Prefs to preferred browser application
Windows: initially: right click, Open With, Choose Program, Other, Program Files\CrozzWord\CrozzWord.exe; later: right click, Open With, "Launch Anywhere GUI" (or just doubleclick if you set "Always use this program to open these files")
only Java fonts accessible
Prefs: Browser, Help: url -- uses system browser setting via rundll32; it's also possible to select a specific application, e.g., C:\Program Files\Internet Explorer\IEXPLORE.EXE
Mac Classic
no color in Across/Down menus, scrollbars; Help/Register not disabled
NYT secure access does not work due to missing security classes in MRJ
cmd-N inserts initial "N" when sequencing thru .zip files
Apple menu: About ignored; Quit quits application without checking/saving current puzzle
start CrozzWord with an initial file by: drag&drop any .puz onto CrozzWord icon, or doubleclick a .puz saved by CrozzWord
Prefs: Browser, Help: openURL (uses Internet Config browser setting)
Mac OS X
no color in scrollbars; Help/Register not disabled
NYT secure access works; libraries included in 10.2.2
cmd-N inserts initial "N" when sequencing thru .zip files
Apple menu: About, Preferences ignored; Quit quits application without checking/saving current puzzle
Open With .puz file (choosing CrozzWord) not recognizing initial local puzzle
Prefs: Browser, Help: open (uses Internet browser setting)

general user interface/commands




Why a new (and non-free) Crossword application?

Although there are several Java-based applets for solving crosswords, the Opera browser on Zaurus does not currently support applets; even if it did, an applet cannot access the local file system, and is linked to only a single web site; and it might not be completely compatible with the Java version supported on the Zaurus, nor display properly or optimally on its small screen.

In addition to these applets, there are some free desktop applications for solving crosswords -- these are free because of income from licensing crossword authoring tools or content, in turn supported by subscriptions or advertising. These same apps are not available on new platforms for a variety of reasons: different/changing OS/development environments, market too small to justify porting/testing, ... So, new applications have usually been developed for new platforms, e.g., for Palm, WinCE, Psion, Newton, costing from $15-$30. Although I have released a few earlier freeware Zaurus apps, I decided to make CrozzWord available as inexpensive shareware ($15) in order to justify support of application and puzzle site lists.

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