There are 3-5 built-in puzzles under Local Directory: Samples. Beyond those, you will need to either save/copy/synchronize some puzzles to your system, or use a network connection (recommended).

Local Files

If you do not have a network connection on the system for playing CrozzWord, or want to unscramble puzzles, you can download .puz files (sample puzzle sites) to your desktop system, (optionally unscramble with provided key using Across Lite), and then sync these to your system. You can also save puzzles locally from CrozzWord. In addition to Other (for any directory), CrozzWord [≥ 1.4] provides access to the user's "Documents" directory and to subdirectories in the CrozzWord settings directory; registered users can additional paths (+Sites). For details on how to select files, see help files.


If you have a network connection, you can access many puzzle files conveniently and directly from web sites. Registered users can directly access sites not in CrozzWord's current remote host sites, and also the New York Times, which requires a subscription login; other users could use a web browser to save a .puz file to a local directory.

[Reg] Selecting a category updates/expands the built-in lists, from a remote CrozzWord page of links. Selecting Favorites also adds any user-added Favorites.

Puzzle Sites

Listed below are the top-level categories of sites, some approximate puzzle counts (=nnnn, as of Feb 2003), links for the sites included initially, and names of some of the major sites updated for registered users.

daily, monthly, weekly shortcuts
[Reg] user-added favorites
Authors [=2900]
Johnston, Will: Puzzles
Piscop, Fred: Macnamara's Band, More Archives, Still More
Marty Ashwood's "Triple Stacks"; Bukharin; Linda Carson; Terry Cleveland; Chuck Deodene; Paddy Grove; Frank Heys; Tyler Hinman; Humphrey MISCmedia; EJ (Eddie James); Jack; Gary Kearney; Kegler's Cryptics; Bob Klahn; Ed Labonte; Frank Longo; Christina Lovatt; Dean Mayer, Medusa (Chris Vallely); Manny Nosowsky; Fred Piscop; Jerry Rosman; Anna Roux; Dan Seidman; Squizz; Barry Tunick
Major Sites [=7000]
Cru Crytics
50plus, AOL (Canada), About.com, BoxerJam, CoolQuiz, CrossCanada, CrossKit, Crossword Express, CrosswordSite, CRPuzzles, Cru Cryptics, FreeArcade, ModemMom, Office Diversions, Online Games, Puzzle Buffs, Puzzle Choice, Puzzle Connection, Puzzle Makers, Puzzle Master, Puzzle Nut, Puzzle Society, Quizland, rec.puzzles.crosswords, Stuff, Surfeteria, Thinks.com, WizList, Women.com, YourDictionary
Newspapers/Magazines [=12000; not including NYT=2700]
= Creators Syndicate: AOL, Heritage News, UnionTrib, Newsday, Yahoo,...
Los Angeles Times
Better Homes and Gardens, BillBoard, Boston Globe, Charleston Gazette, Daily Camera, Daily Mirror, Dispatch Online, Guardian, Heritage News, Honolulu Star-Bulletin, Independent Online, LA Weekly, Naples News, New York Sun, New York Times ($ current, annual archives, New York Today), Philadelphia Inquirer, Salon, So. Africa Sunday Times, Sydney Morning Herald, The Herald, The Independent, Time Magazine, Univ. Waterloo, USA Today, Wall Street Journal, Washington Post, Wildcat Arizona, Yale Herald
Theme-Arts [=630]
Architecture, Art, Dance, Design, Film/TV, Literature, Media, Music, Theater
Theme-Business [=580]
Accounting, Career, Communication, Economics, Finance, Industry, Law, Management, Marketing, Property, Statistics, Taxes, Trade, Training
Theme-Languages [=8000]
Afrikaans, Danish, Dutch, ESL (English as a Second Language), Finnish, French, German, Indonesian, Italian, Latin, Maltese, Norwegian, Portuguese, Spanish, Swedish, Turkish
Theme-Living [=1480]
Adult, Ethnic, Games/Hobbies, Kids, Organizations, Pets, Sports, Vehicles
Theme-Misc [=730]
misc. older/smaller sites; mixed or no specific theme
Aristotle, Canopia, Castle Networking, Castlebar, Muse, Northern Star, Outpost Bravo, P
Theme-Place [=820]
Geography, Regional, Travel
Theme-Religion [=790]
Bible, Buddhism, Catholic, Christian, Hebrew, Islam, Mormon, Pagan
Theme-Science,Life [=1020]
Anatomy/Physiology, Animals, Biology, Environment, Health, Insects, Medical, Nursing, Nutrition, Plants, Sleep, Zoology
Theme-Science,Physical [=440]
Astronomy, Chemistry, Geology, Geoscience, Math, Physics, Technology(Computers), Thermodynamics, Weather
Theme-Science,Social [=1140]
Archaeology, Development, Economics, Education, English, Government, History, Philosophy, Political Science, Psychology, Social Studies, Sociology
Other Useful Links
Ray Hamel's page
Will Johnston's Puzzle Pointers
New York Times Crossword Reference/


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