HTMList is a 2.x-only Newton "autopart" which appears in Extras Extensions. It is a simple HTML "authoring" tool that can save

HTMList is demoware and cannot be redistributed without my permission. Newer versions might be distributed only to registered Newt's Cape users. If it is useful, I may fix/enhance it, or perhaps even charge $$ for it (what do you think?). © 1997-2005. S. Weyer. All Rights Reserved Worldwide.

Summary current (1.0j) commands

Save as HTML (to Notes)
Newt's Cape:Add Bookmarks (2.x)
Save as HTML (2.1) (to NewtWorks)
Newt's Cape:Add Bookmarks [2.1]
Page Range
Save (formatted text/graphics) to NewtWorks (2.1)
Save as HTML to NewtWorks (2.1)
Save as HTML to Notes
Save as HTML to Desktop
Mail,Speak,... [2.1]
Newt's Cape:Add Bookmarks [2.x]

Recent changes:

HTMList 1.0k-2 (23 Jan 00)

1.0j-2 (13 Jan 99)

1.0i-2 (8 Jan 99)

1.0h-2 (26 Sep 98)

1.0g-2 (25 Sep 98)

1.0f-2 (11 Sep 98)

1.0e-2 (10 Sep 98)

1.0d,-2 (28 Aug 98)

1.0c-2 (24 Jun 98)

1.0b-2 (17 Jan 98): added "Add Newt's Cape Bookmarks"

1.0a-2 (4 Oct 97): initial release

The remainder of this document currently describes only the original list features and needs a major update! (including incorporating RouteBook functionality).

  1. open Notes
  2. create a New:Outline or :Checklist (or select an existing one)
  3. add/move/remove list items and levels
  4. select in Notes action menu, and view result:
    Export to HTML
    email/beam HTML source (new Note) to a friend, or view it with Newt's Cape (Newt's Cape:Open in Notes action menu) (or other web browser that can access Notes documents)
    Newt's Cape:Add Bookmarks
    tap Newt's Cape's Bookmarks button. note: you can use Newt's Cape's Bookmarks:Save as Outline command to export current bookmarks as a Notes outline.

HTMList generally creates groups of unordered list items, i.e., UL, which usually are rendered as bulleted items in most browsers. But depending on content conventions, you can also create ordered or definition lists, with URLs. Examples below are also available separately in Sloup.

Unordered List Example: UL test

This Notes example (bulleted items):

would generate the following HTML source (HTMList uses the title of the Note as TITLE in HTML source):


which would appear in a browser as...


There are some special patterns that HTMList recognized to create other kinds of list items:

nn. (initial number)
when an initial digit followed by period occurs in the first item in a group, HTMList uses OL instead of UL; it also strips the number and . from this and subsequent items (most browsers will automatically add consecutive number prefixes). In particular, you need to add a number only to the first item (or any items that contain a period). example
when a colon occurs in the first item in a group, HTMList uses DL instead of UL; it will put the label after DT; and value after DD (instead of LI). Any subsequent item without a : appears entirely after DT. example
HTMList surrounds the url with HREF; if there is no label, the url is used. This can be used in combination with the two earlier patterns; it could be handy for organizing/annotating your own bookmarks. example

Ordered (numbered) List Example: OL Test

This Notes example (items prefixed with nn.):

would generate the following HTML fragment...


which would appear in a browser as...

  1. one
    1. a
    2. b
  2. two

Definition List Example: DL Test

This Notes example (term and definition separated by :):

would generate the following HTML fragment...


which would appear in a browser as...


URL Example: URL Test

And finally, this Note example combines several things, along with URLs (surrounded by <...>):

would generate the following HTML fragment...

<LI>important pages (as bullets) with labels
  <LI><A HREF="">Steve's Newton page</A>
  <LI><A HREF="">Apple Product Info?</A>
<LI>some pages (numbered) with urls displayed
  <LI><A HREF=""></A>
  <LI><A HREF=""></A>
<LI>some pages (as "definitions" (comments?))
  <DT>this is a really great page
  <DD><A HREF="">foo's page</A>
  <DT>a so-so page
  <DD><A HREF=""></A>
  <DT><A HREF=""></A>

which would appear in a browser as...


HTMList 1.0 (.pkg)

For downloading directly via http: to Newton with Newt's Cape or other web browser.

HTMList 1.0 (.zip)

Includes htmlist.htm, htmlist.slp.

Last Updated: 23-Jun-2005

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