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Release Notes


Current (2/27/02) prices via PayPal (below) are:

If someone sells you his/her registered copy of NewtDevEnv or Newt's Cape, there is a $10 upgrade fee to cover administrative/support costs -- use the "student" option.

product(s)type pricebuy it!
Newt's Cape regular $20
Newt's Cape student/upgrade $10
NewtDevEnv & Newt's Cape bundle $40
NewtDevEnv regular $25
NewtDevEnv student/upgrade $10

Files, Other Sites, Other Useful Info

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Most files are available as ascii Binhexed, Stuffit (sit.hqx) and binary Zip (.zip), via http and ftp; some .pkg files are available via http. For downloading large files via web browser, you may want to set your preference to Save (rather than View) the file. Site and format info:


2001 Newtie Award: Newtonian of the Year
PDA Central 5 Cow Rating for Newt's Cape

Release Notes | Registration | Files, Sites, Info | Awards