Newt Apps and Newt's Cape books

What's New:

These are some of the packages for applications built in NewtonScript and saved by Newt; and books created from HTML and saved by Newt's Cape.

If you're an end user, be sure to send your appreciation to the authors (I assume you'll let them know if there are problems).

These are generally .sit.hqx format unless otherwise noted. Some include source.

Newt applications (organized alphabetically): Auto Rotate, BatWiz, Bits, BitSound, CallBut, CallButton, Cryptograms, Darts Scorepad, DateView, DD Dice, DeepNewt, DeepSpaceNewt, DontAsk, Dune Treachery Tracker, Easter Dates, Ellie's Count Down, FlatEarth, Geometry Construction Set, Goose Field, HexConv, HnewTML, HTML, Icon Tool, Life, List Tools, Locale Fixer, LSProBIG5Coder, MailTime, MatchBook, Newtiles, NewtProlog, Newtris, noButts, Notes Organizer 2.0, Nu2Do, N2DButton, PicoFermiBagels, PkgPopper, Post Office, PowerOff, PowerPDQ, PowerTrans, Puzzle, Rebooter, Replacer, RouteBook, Ruler, Select All, Sieve, Sleeper, SameGame, SonyAuto, Space Voyage, Sproing, StatusMonitor, Stochastic, SunUpDown, Temperature, Time To Go Reading, Timecards, Tower of Hanoi, TraderPDQ, Trash Folder, UPN, Word A Day, XBar, YAPI x10,

Newt's Cape books (organized alphabetically): Crypto Docs, Examples, Disney park guides, HnewTML docs, Indian Heroes and Great Chieftains, NewtATut, Newton and Linux mini-HOWTO book, NewtTurT, Newt's Cape docs, Newt's Cape help book, NYC Subway, Perl man pages, Robinson Crusoe, Secret Agent, Sloup docs, Stochastic docs, Venice maps

Next, applications and books are listed by each author (sorted alphabetically, mostly).

Newt App icon Newt-generated Applications

William Ball

X-10: device controller 0.9 AMUG

DejaVu Software, Inc.

Shane Hill SDH EngSoft

Lars Immisch

SonyAuto registers a new meeting type. This meeting can be routed to your Sony VCR, effectively programming it.vSource available.

UPN calculator

Richard C. L. Li

Tim van Halteren

Travel Concept Solutions Frank Wegener

PowerTrans is perhaps the largest Newt application to date. A recent testimonial from the developer:

PowerTrans started with Newt (a fantastic Newton development tool) and resulted in a commercial product developed over a period of 16 months.
PowerTrans is a good example of how a small application can grow in Newt to become a commercial Newton application, which can easily ported to Apple NTK anytime.
Many thanks

Allan Wright Bulletproof Software

Steve Weyer

BitSound 1.4

BitSound displays bitmaps/PICTs and plays sounds -- built-in to ROM or in soups (e.g., transferred via Sloup) [note: this is a newer version than "BitSound2" (1.2)].

Note: BitSound 1.4 may break on MessagePad2000 and eMate300 for some selections -- I should update the list of "documented/undocumented" graphics, and check for gray level bitmaps.

Recent changes [BitSound 1.4] (6 May 96):

Don't Ask 1.1

Turn off those annoying "Do you want to add..." keyboard prompts for 1.x. (This is not needed in NOS 2.x, and won't install; if you installed DontAsk 1.0 on NOS 2.x, remove it manually).

Ellie's Count Down 1.0

2.x-only; For a selected date (holiday, your birthday, "End of World" or enter one), ECountDn displays the remaining time from now in weeks, days, hours, minutes, seconds. description

GeoCnstr iconGeometry Construction Set 1.0

1.x/2.x; draw lines, circles, triangles; get information about perimeter, area; bisect lines and angles, inscribe/circumscribe circles, etc. description

Life iconLife game/simulation

The "game of Life" allows you to experiment with the classic mathematical/biological simulator. Cellular automata. 1.x/2.x compatible. Includes Newt-format source. See life.htm,.txt for further info.

Recent changes [Life 1.5] (26 Mar 98)


PFB iconPico Fermi Bagels game

Pico Fermi Bagels (PFB) is number guessing game (similar to MasterMind). 1.x/2.x compatible. Includes Newt-format source. See picoferm.htm,.txt for further info. NewtPFB tutorial available to registered Newt users.

Recent changes [PFB 1.4] (26 Mar 98):

Route Book 1.0

Route Book is a 2.1-only extension created with NewtDevEnv that adds "text routing" to regular and help books, e.g., Beam, Mail, Speak.

Sproing iconSproing 1.0

1.x/2.x; Sproing allows you to experiment with a bouncing spring by varying frequency, amplitude, damping, mass, spring constant description

Hanoi iconTower of Hanoi 1.1

1.x/2.x; move disks from one stack to another, or just watch the Newton solve it for you. description

Newt's Cape Book iconNewt's Cape-generated books

Joe Cicinelli

See Stochastic app and docs

Loren Finkelstein

I think Loren holds the current Newt's Cape record for largest book: 881K (compressed), 584 Pages.

Peter Rand

Peter Rand has drafted a help document/book/introduction to Newt's Cape.

Reinhold Schoeb

Steve Weyer

Crypto Docs, Examples

Crypto is for solving cryptogram puzzles. The documentation and two puzzle collections are Newt's Cape created books.

Ellie's Count Down Docs

The help book for Ellie's Count Down application was created with Newt's Cape.

Geometry Construction Set Docs

The help book for the Geometry Construction Set application was created with Newt's Cape.

Life Docs

The help book for the Life application was created with Newt's Cape.

Newt's Cape Docs

The docs for Newt's Cape are available as Newton books (in addition to HTML files)

PFB Docs

The help book for the PicoFermiBagels application was created with Newt's Cape.

Sloup Docs

The docs for Sloup are available as Newton books (in addition to HTML files)

Sproing Docs

The help book for the Sproing application was created with Newt's Cape.

Tower of Hanoi Docs

The help book for Tower of Hanoi application was created with Newt's Cape.

NewtATut (Newt Application Tutorial)

NewtATut (Newt Application Tutorial) is an interactive tutorial that shows how you can develop a simple application in NewtonScript directly on your Newton using Newt.

NewtATut 1.6 (16 Feb 98)

NewtTurT (Newt Turtle Tutorial)

NewtTurT is a turtle tutorial that shows how you can use Newt for turtle-style graphics using the NewtDraw plug-in.

NewtTurT 1.6 (16 Feb 98)