This example updates the current time every second, and demonstrates how to mix both NewtonScript (for Newt's Cape) and JavaScript in the same document.

For Newt's Cape, a custom field scales the font to fill width of screen, assuming i:General:NewtonScript preference is set to Compile. It also includes analog and digital clocks (digital does not appear on 1.x). There may be occasional updating delays due to book refresh.

For other browsers, it assumes "recent" JavaScript/JScript support; it has been tested with

(NN = Netscape Navigator; MSIE = Microsoft Internet Explorer; AOL = America OnLine's browser;
+ = works; - = doesn't work). Let me know about your experience with other browsers. It borrows from my ECountDn example (JavaScript)

This document (in all its formats) is © 1999-2007. Steve Weyer. All Rights Reserved Worldwide. You are free to use this in your own documents, but I would appreciate an acknowledgement of Newt's Cape and the example.

Last updated: Dec 2000