Export Package Info

The first example lets you export package information to Notes. It assumes you are using Newt's Cape, with i:General:NewtonScript preference set to Compile. The PkgInfo extension, on which this is based, provides popup information for selected packages.

For 2.x, you can select a specific store to export (default All). You can select a specific folder (default All), though it will export all packages anyway on older 2.x Newtons.

For 1.x, there is no folder tab to select folder or store for Extras. The listing includes only package name, version, size and date; the bullet prefixes version if copyprotected.

For each store, it creates a separate Note, with store name (and possibly folder) in title.

For each package, it lists:

Rename a Package in Extras


Current Name:

The second example allows you to change the name of a selected package in Extras. This probably works only on NOS 2.1 Newtons (where certain library functions are built-in), and the changes are only temporary (until next system reset?). Frozen books don't change name until unfrozen. [Perhaps this rename functionality might be added to the PkgInfo autopart, which would include library functions for NOS 2.0, and save new names as a system preference and apply them automatically after a reboot].

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Last updated: Dec 2000