Use this mini-application to list and/or remove pending alarms for an application.

This requires that you know the alarm suffix used by the application. For example, Newt's Cape uses :NC (the default).

If you'd like to be more specific, include a longer suffix. For example, Newt's Cape creates an alarm key (maximum 24 characters) that consists of:

  1. first letter of the cache/soup name, e.g., H (HTML), I (Images), B (Bookmarks)
  2. up to the first twenty characters of the folder name
  3. :NC

If you're not sure which alarms might be present, use the List button.

To remove all alarms for Newt's Cape, just specify :NC; to remove alarms for HTMLCache, ImageCache and Bookmarks only in the Business folder, for example, specify Business:NC. Remove refreshes the list automatically when done.

This form works only in 2.x Newt's Cape, and if the NewtonScript:Compile preference is specified. For best results, set Appearance:H1:Above:Top so that the form appears at top of a page.

the Form

Application suffix:

Existing alarms:

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