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Many external links may be obsolete -- if you have updates, please send. Removed some .sit.hqx files due space limitations; there may be problems with .pkg files (esp. for Mac OS X); safest to use .zip archives.

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FTP and Other sites

Best maintained site: UNNA. Most Newton files can be found on AMUG (Arizona Mac User's Group) ftp site (AMUG is often overloaded, so try a mirror, or at other times, or try a different site).

UNNA (and mirrors)

If you know about other Newton sites, let me know so that I can make sure they have the latest versions and also include them here.

Stuffit, Binhex, Zip, Package, PDF

Most Newton ftp sites are Mac-centric and usually do not maintain .zip archives, instead using stuffit (.sit) for compression, and then binhex (.hqx) for text encoding. .zip versions of my programs are available here. If PC users want to decode .sit/.hqx versions of other applications, they should obtain a DOS version of Binhex and Unstuff.

Mac: .sit.hqx


If the package doesn't seem to be recognized on a Mac, fix the type/creator with PackType utility, ResEdit or other favorite tool.

If you have an error using Windows unstuff utilities where file does not appear to be package format, set the CROSS PLATFORM preference to NEVER for 'Convert Text files to Windows format' and set to NEVER for 'Save Macintosh files in MacBinary format'. (Otherwise, Mac resource fork (MacBinary header) is left in).

If you have unzipped a .pkg file on a PC and it isn't recognized/installed properly, you may be able to strip a MacBinary header using Pkg Stripper


You can usually use unzip or gunzip You might check out Unix Sloup, package etc. tools


Generally, once you have a package (and it's been unstuffed/unzipped properly) and you have the proper serial cable, you can just use Newton Connection Kit (NCK), or Newton Package Installer, or Newton Backup Utility to install packages. There are also several other downloaders.

Mac: .sit.hqx

Windows: .zip

Uploading Packages

For information about uploading packages from the Newton to the desktkop, see

Acrobat Reader/PDF

Several of the files listed are available in .pdf format. PDF (Portable Document Format) is a cross-platform, application-independent, print-oriented format from Adobe for (re)presenting documents. Acrobat Reader is a free PDF viewer for Mac (68K, PowerPC), Windows, DOS, Unix.

Macintosh System Requirements

Windows System Requirements

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