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What is Sloup?

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Sloup is a utility for transferring data or text between desktop files and Newton "soups" (object-oriented databases); it directs keyboard input to fields, and prints values and errors to desktop "inspector" window. It can be somewhat complicated to setup/use for the novice user, but it can be quite powerful.

Sloup (formerly "Slurpee") has been renamed (due to trademark conflicts). I would appreciate it if you would update your own pages and documentation.

Keywords: soups, data transfer, keyboard, terminal emulator

Feature Summary

2.1 Highlights

For further details, see documentation below or revision history.

Sloup, along with associated documents and tools, is freeware. Sloup 2.1/2.2 and the files listed here are ©1995-2017. S. Weyer, All Rights Reserved Worldwide.

What's Included?

Public Files

Sloup 2.1 (9 Jan 98) contains

Sloup application (1.x compatible)
Sloup application (2.x-only)
this page
Sloup Table of Contents. note: this and other HTML files also available as Newton books (in separate archive)
introduction, configuration and user interface
how Sloup processes commands; importing/exporting; examples; entry specifications; soup indexes
line continuations; binary resources
keyboard support; NewtDevEnv; Newt's Cape; addFile API; NTK Inspector; soup structure and examples: Notes, Names; examples: Calendar, ToDo
Sloup Index
example data file (from Sloup) for transfer to Names
example of dumping data from Names
example of dumping data from Names using various options
NOS 2.x Names import example
example of text file to transfer to a Notepad folder
example of dumping text from a Notepad folder
example of dumping text from Outbox, e.g., mail msgs
example of dumping text & other fields from Outbox, then erasing them
example adding a ToDo item
another ToDo example

Book versions (created with Newt's Cape) of the Sloup HTML docs are available in a separate archive. Some of the books contain live examples that can be sent to Sloup directly, and require require either Newt's Cape 1.4(or greater) or the Newt's Cape lite plugin (included in archive) to be installed for links and navigation buttons to work. If you'd like to try the interactive examples, probably best to start Sloup first, then open book. To inspect import results in Notes, close book and open Notes. To see exported (DUMP) results, be sure to Connect first.

How do I register?

There is no need to register -- Sloup is now freeware.

Where do I download Sloup?

Sloup 2.1 (.pkg)

You can download .pkg file directly to your Newton using a web browser, e.g., Newt's Cape. [This may work with NetHopper if an ISP has fixed the MIME types].

Sloup 2.1 (.zip) [219K]

This includes docs as HTML

Sloup docs as books [121K]

Sloup beta versions

There is a beta version of Sloup 2.2e-2 available -- see the Newt's Cape page.

Related Tools/Info

How do I connect/use...?

Since I get questions from time to time about connecting to various platforms, and sending data to/from different applications (many of which I don't have), I thought it might be worthwhile to allow users to exchange information here. If you have questions about particular platforms/apps (or have information to share about your experiences), email them to me and I'll post them on connect.htm -- hopefully someone will be able to solve your problem (or use your info).

It's possible to connect to Sloup via IrDA, if you have Sloup (2.2e or later).

Known Problems

Applications managers that freeze an application automatically and immediately after it quits may generate an error for Sloup (and Newt's Cape) (due to deferred actions)

Bug Reporting

To help me resolve problems with Sloup most quickly, I would appreciate the following information:

Note: you might also check first if this is a known problem (above) or if it's something already fixed in a newer version/beta.