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Package Uploading: 1.x

If you use the NewtPack plug-in with either NewtDevEnv or Newt's Cape to save packages, these utilities are essential if you want to move your packages from a 1.x Newton for distribution. You backup your Newton with NCK (Newton Connection Kit), then use a Mac or Windows version of a third-party "Extract Package" utility. These utilities do NOT work currently with the Newton Backup Utility for NOS 2.x systems -- for NOS 2.x, see Package Buddy (and related tools).

Markus Fritze

Mac shareware Extract Package.

Rafal L Lukawiecki

Windows pledgeware Extract Package.

*Note: If ExtractPackage doesn't work initially, you may need Visual Basic 3.0 or msafinx.dll installed.

Bernd Flachsbart

Windows shareware PackXTract

Chris Capon

DOS-based package extractor

Package Uploading: 2.x

Package Buddy (Tactile)

Package Buddy transfers packages from your NOS 2.x Newton to a Mac or Windows client. free. (may not work currently on German systems (without VBO patch?))


Sloup 2.1 supports simple package upload/download for 2.x Newtons. This should be of interest primarily to non-Mac/Windows users.

Newton Package Uploader(NPU)

Newton Package Uploader (NPU) is a free, unsupported utility to upload packages from a NOS 2.x Newton to (some) Macintosh clients. After selecting a package in Extras, you just select Upload Package from the Action menu, and start the desktop application. Questions, comments to Greg Simon.

Note: we have no plans to update NPU or Toss -- so, we recommend that you use PackageBuddy (free from Tactile) or X-Port (from Landware).

NPU 1.0b2 (9 Apr 96)


Toss 1.0a (19 Jan 96)

1.3/2.x users or users without a Mac or Windows system may be able to use Toss, a free, unsupported utility. Toss allows you to upload packages to your desktop system via a terminal emulator and the "Y-modem" protocol. (for PCs, this is "X-modem 1K" protocol).

Toss 1.0 (.zip)


PackType is a small Mac application for fixing the type/creator so that a package can be used (more easily) with Mac package download utilities. If you're a Mac developer, use it on the package after uploading to your Mac (if the icon's not correct) before distributing; if you're a non-Mac developer, you can distribute it with your package so that Mac users can drag-and-drop the package onto it.

PackType (.sit.hqx) [9K]

PackType (.zip) [8K]

Pkg Info

2.x only. Select package(s) in Extras, select "Pkg Info" in action menu. Displays information about an application, book or autopart(extension) [not storage or built-in apps]:

If you select a built-in or copy-protected package, PkgInfo pops up a menu of package names.

Let me know if this is useful, and what other info you would like to see (assuming it's available, it fits and I have time). If you have Freeze Utils (from Standalone), you don't need this -- use its "Package Info" command. If you have other extensions installed that add items to the Extras action menu, to minimize conflicts, be sure you have the latest versions of those (e.g., PackageBuddy).

For Newt's Cape users, pkginfo.htm [1.x/2.x] example summarizes information about Newton packages to Notes (2.x only: select folder/store)

PkgInfo 1.0 (.pkg) [6K]

You can download a .pkg files directly to your Newton using a web browser, e.g., Newt's Cape.

PkgInfo 1.0 (.sit.hqx) [7K]

PkgInfo 1.0 (.zip) [5K]

Other Newt-related Info

Note: "NANUG" refers to North Atlanta Newton User Group NANUG _protoReality newsletter.

Discussion groups

You can often find NewtonScript and Newt-related questions on comp.sys.newton.programmer.

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