Steve Weyer's Software Releases

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CrozzWord was awarded 1st place in Entertainment/Educational/Multimedia category in JPDA 2002 Application Developers Contest for Zaurus and iPaq sponsored by Insignia Solutions, HP, Intel, Metrowerks, Sharp, Softbank Publishing and Sun Microsystems.

With CrozzWord, a user can display, fill-in and solve crossword and cryptic puzzles, from Samples or local system, or more importantly, from an extensive categorized collection of public sites over a network; over 30,000 puzzles are accessible, in six formats, including secure access to New York Times. A user can customize application and puzzle appearance, add sites to Favorites or other categories, selectively check/reveal answers, skip to incomplete/incorrect guesses, and save partial games or archive remote puzzles for later local use. Online help. Shareware registration.

Versions available for many platforms, including Windows, Macintosh, Zaurus (and eventually PocketPC, Linux, ...). CrozzWord requires Java runtime support.

CrozzWord: description, screenshots, download


CrozzWord icon CrozzWord 1.3: description, screenshots, download
display and solve crossword puzzles and cryptics [shareware]
DocReader 1.1: description, download
simple Palm ebook reader
CountDown 1.1: download
countdown from now to an event (holiday, "end of world", ...) [freeware]
Hanoi 1.1: download
move disks from one stack to another, or just watch the Zaurus solve it for you [freeware]
Life 1.1: download
Conway's game of Life; mathematical simulation/cellular automata [freeware]
Mines 1.1: download
yet another MineSweeper game [freeware]
Pico Fermi Bagels 1.1: download
number guessing game similar to MasterMind or Jotto [freeware]
Turtle 1.1: download
Logo-like turtle graphics environment to draw pictures and fractals [freeware]

For other versions (Newton, JavaScript, Waba) of many of these apps, see below.


Newt's Cape icon Newt's Cape 2.1e2/2.0r
1.x/2.x; web browse; create books with text, graphics, links, tables and forms from HTML documents via TCP (2.x: using Newton Internet Enabler (NIE)) or in your Notepad, Inbox, Newtworks or over a serial connection. (co-developed with Greg Simon) [shareware]
versions available to registered users in Chinese, French, German, Japanese, Korean, Russian
in additon to support for .pkg and GIF built-in to Newt's Cape, there are some plugins/helperApps:
2.x; converts/displays .jpg, .jpeg image files
2.x; extracts files from .zip files, and converts/displays .bmp image files
2.x; displays Palm Pilot DOC text files and ImageViewer graphics
2.x; plays audio files(.wav,.aiff,.au) via SimpleMail audio extensions
2.x; plays/saves MOD format music files for use with ModPlayer
HTMList 1.0k-2
2.x; HTML list authoring tool using Notes outlines, converts Notes/Newtworks docs to HTML, saves books to HTML or Newtworks; add "text routing" to regular and help books, e.g., Beam, Mail, Speak (former RouteBook functionality).
WabaTester 1.0o
2.x; runs Java(Waba) applets
noted here mainly for coolness/completeness -- it's more practical to install/run a prebuilt Newton .pkg
however, if you have the WabaVM, and waba and wextra libraries installed, if the app uses the Waba subset of Java, and its .jar file is uncompressed, it is possible to run applets directly from web (e.g., Worm or any of my apps)
other known helperApps
Hemlock, xWord Buddy, Sloup, Crypto, Life, QuickFigure Works, Deep Green
newtVNC icon newtVNC 3.3a9
2.1; display the screen of another system over a network, point and enter text [freeware]
Virtual Network Computing
use your Newton to view & control a remote system
view & control your Newton from a remote system
viewer UI
connected to Windows PC
Newton server from WinVNC
Newt icon Newt 3.4
1.x/2.x; an environment for developing applications using NewtonScript and saving as packages directly on your Newton [shareware]
there are two NewtonScript language tutorials available:
NewtATut icon NewtATut 1.6
1.x/2.x; Newt application tutorial shows how you can develop a simple application in NewtonScript directly on your Newton using Newt (interactive book created with Newt's Cape) [freeware]
browser (screenshots) version
NewtTurT icon NewtTurT 1.6
1.x/2.x; Newt turtle tutorial show how you can use turtle graphics and Logo-style programming on your Newton using Newt (interactive book created with Newt's Cape) [freeware]
browser (screenshots) version
Waba/Java (browser,Palm,WinCE,Newton) version
Zaurus (Personal Java) version
simple (JavaScript, NewtonScript) expression evaluation
Sloup icon Sloup 2.1/2.2e2
1.x/2.x; utility for transferring tab-delimited data or text documents(Notes,outlines,checklists,Newtworks) between desktop files and Newton "soups" (object-oriented databases); it directs keyboard input to fields, and prints values and errors to desktop "inspector" window. [freeware]
Life icon Life 1.5
1.x/2.x; mathematical game/simulation (application created with NewtDevEnv, includes source; help book created with Newt's Cape) [freeware]
browser (JavaScript) version
Waba/Java (browser,Palm,WinCE,Newton) versions
Zaurus (Personal Java) version
PFB icon PicoFermiBagels 1.4
1.x/2.x; number guessing game (application created with NewtDevEnv, includes source; help book with Newt's Cape) [freeware]
browser (JavaScript/NewtonScript) version
Waba/Java (browser,Palm,WinCE,Newton) versions
Zaurus (Personal Java) version
Mac OS X (Dashboard Widget) version
Crypto icon Crypto 1.1
2.x; for solving cryptogram/cipher puzzles [freeware]
Waba/Java (browser,Palm,WinCE,Newton) versions
Zaurus (Waba) version
PkgInfo 1.0g
2.x; displays info about installed packages [freeware]
Newt's Cape version
Mac; small drag&drop Mac application to fix the type/creator for .pkg files [freeware]
Hanoi icon Tower of Hanoi 1.1 puzzle
1.x/2.x; move disks from one stack to another, or just watch the Newton solve it for you (application created with NewtDevEnv, help book created with Newt's Cape) [freeware]
browser (JavaScript) version
Waba/Java (browser,Palm,WinCE,Newton) versions)
Zaurus (Personal Java) version
Ellie's Count Down 1.0
2.x; find out how long it is until your next birthday, year 2000, or "End of the World" (application created with NewtDevEnv, help book created with Newt's Cape) [freeware]
browser (JavaScript/NewtonScript) version
Waba/Java (browser,Palm,WinCE,Newton) versions
Zaurus (Personal Java) version
Sproing icon Sproing 1.0
1.x/2.x; Sproing allows you to experiment with a bouncing spring by varying frequency, amplitude, damping, mass, spring constant. (application created with NewtDevEnv, help book created with Newt's Cape) [freeware]
Waba/Java (browser,Palm,WinCE,Newton) versions
Zaurus (Waba) version
GeoCnstr icon Geometry Construction Set 1.0
1.x/2.x; draw lines, circles, triangles; get information about perimeter, area; bisect lines and angles, inscribe/circumscribe circles, etc. (application created with NewtDevEnv, help book created with Newt's Cape) [freeware]
Waba/Java (browser,Palm,WinCE,Newton) versions
Zaurus (Personal Java) version
Waba/Java (browser,Palm,WinCE,Newton) versions
Zaurus (Waba) version
Dont Ask 1.1
1.x; turn off/on the "Do you want to add" keyboard prompt
(extension created with NewtDevEnv, with source) [shareware]
BitSound 1.4
1.x/2.x; display pictures/play sounds from ROM or soups (application created with NewtDevEnv) [freeware]
HelpURL 1.0
NTK source code to create an about box that contain active URLs, and a dynamic help book from HTML [freeware]

Other Platforms

I also have some applications for other platforms, mostly versions of my Newton apps:


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