CommuniCrossings: Products

CommuniCrossings develops and distributes software for communicating and learning on mobile devices.
Several products are shareware($); other applications are freeware, with some source available.

  • CrozzWord: display and solve crossword puzzles and cryptics ($)
    (*I may update this for Java-capable platforms if there's enough interest)
  • Personal Java: Zaurus, Symbian, PocketPC
  • Java: Windows, Macintosh
  • J2ME: MIDP devices
  • Crypto: solve cryptogram/cipher puzzles [N,W,Z]
  • CountDown: time remaining until an event [J,N,W,Z]
  • DocReader: simple ebook reader [Z]
  • Geometry: draw shapes, perform geom. operations [N]
  • Hanoi: Tower of Hanoi puzzle [J,N,W,Z]
  • Jumble: word jumble game [W,Z]
  • Life: Game of Life (cellular automata) [J,N,W,Z]
  • Mines: minesweeper game [W,Z]
  • Newt's Cape: web browser and ebook/application creation; plugins [N] ($)
  • NewtDevEnv: application development; tutorials [N] ($)
  • newtVNC: network screen sharing/device control [N]
  • PackType: fix pkg creator (on Mac) [N]
  • PicoFermiBagels: number guessing game [J,N,W,Z]
  • PkgInfo: display pkg information [N]
  • Sloup: transfer text data via terminal [N]
  • Sproing: spring simulation [N,W,Z]
  • Turtle: turtle (Logo-style) graphics [Z] (also see NewtDevEnv plugin)

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Last Updated: 10-Oct-2006