Steve Weyer's Waba Development Page

This page updates/supplements the main distributions for Newton Waba developers on Sean's main Waba pages

Thanks for the feedback on the tools -- I'll continue to evolve/fix/improve. Let me know if you get things working on other OS/JDK (I've had a little better luck with MRJ), and especially if you discover workarounds for problems like classpaths, or what additional parameters should be passed, etc. If you're using a different compiler (or other JDK tools), send me help summaries (typically by invoking program without command line args or with ?);

Recent changes:


Here are the latest versions of apps and tools that I have been working on, that may have not yet been included in Sean's archives. Be sure to install latest version of waba.pkg (and wextra.pkg if an application requires it). Note: (w)extra library(.pkg,.jar) does not currently include: extra/io (GPS & Palm extensions), waba/io (Catalog & Serial for desktop).

(.java, .class/.htm, .pdb/.prc, and/or .wrp/.lnk)
  • waba(SDK): updates WabaSDK 1.0 [110K] (16 Feb 01)
  • wextra [88K] (16 Feb 01)
  • lib_src.sit: waba(SDK),waba(VM),wextra [300K]
  • waba.jar waba(SDK) [39K] (16 Feb 01)
  • wextra.jar wextra [30K] (8 Feb 01)
  • lib_web.sit: waba(SDK),wextra [63K]
  • same as .class files from library source
NTK templates
  • app_ntk.sit _template only [14K] (5 Jun 01)
  • (old apps available upon request)
  • lib_ntk.sit _template, waba, wextra(for now) [58K] (5 Jun 01)
development tools/docs

Recent Changes


4 Jun
updated (from Sean): java.lang classes and waba.sys.Vm
setAppContext: all libraries are now accessed, though appRequires order is used
22 Jan
fix for Java-generated .pkg to allow nil in appRequires


16 Feb
Applet: usage (for help); displays title, icon (if any) when run as app, e.g., Run App, not applet
13 Feb
Applet, Image: loading .bmp from .jar
12 Feb
Edit: focus fix; Image: invert

wextra.jar, .pkg

8 Feb
Maths.cos fix


1.0i (?? Aug 01)
Warp: .pdb (Palm databases) can be embedded for Catalog, e.g., for WordBox, Dic apps; include .pdb files with .class arg
Warp: .pkg bitmap now consistent with NTK desktop inversion, and reverse of desktop and Palm; (.pkg used to always invert, and but in case there are some bitmaps with reversed color tables, this will behave correctly/consistently); note: if bitmaps do appear inverted on Newton, be sure to check appearance by running app on desktop, and Palm (or emulator) if possible; if it's inverted everywhere, then the graphic editor may be setting color table incorrectly; you can workaround this by copying/pasting your bitmap into a known good bitmap file, and do Save As.
Warp: verbose printing of class names for Newton formats now includes .class to be consistent with Palm,WinCE
1.0h (15 Jun 01)
GUI: /l used for HTML generation (earlier, wextra.jar,waba.jar always added)
GUI: error "no Palm,WinCE,Newton format selected" only for Warp,Exegen
Warp: recognizes/converts .bmp, .wbm and .bmpx as bitmap files (for .pkg: added .bmpx; for NTK: .wbm, .bmpx)
Warp: large bitmaps now copied into .pkg correctly (avoids out of index error)
.jar distribution now includes .java source (avoids separate .zip)
1.0g (4 Jun 01)
overall, syntax changes to avoid errors from jikes compiler
GUI: "creator" field (if starts with /) used for Newton formats for arbitrary params, e.g., /l lib1 /l lib2
Warp: /l command specifies a library: exclude those .class files from app, add to appRequires for install check; upto 4 libraries can be specified currently, e.g., /l lib1 /l lib2 /l lib3 /l lib4
Warp,Exegen: fixed file reading problem (Mac OS X); unicode workaround (MRJ)
1.0e (16 Feb 01)
GUI: init-time check to control code/behavior/appearance; if JDK lacks 3-arg version of Runtime.exec, directory button and field change to readonly text, HTML-appletviewer button does not prompt for directory, and commands use 1-arg version of Runtime.exec (there may still be configuration problems, e.g, classpath, depending on your JDK/OS)
GUI: command line args (and usage): /c, /j, /a to specify different JDK tools; respective defaults: javac, jar, appletviewer; these appear in Compile, Jar and HTML buttons (I had tried implementing using classes, e.g.,, but ran into various classpath and security problems)
GUI: expand *.? checkbox expands filename wildcard for Compile, Jar, Warp (this currently matches just extension, with no other pattern support)
GUI: making any text field empty now uses default
GUI has a small icon16x16 icon (in app bar)
Exegen: .pkg now generates for JDK w/o unicode support (e.g., MRJ)
Warp: fixed a .pkg corruption problem
various bitmap inversion fixes (I think it's all consistent now)
GUI can appear as an applet (at least for help) (and ignoring a class cast error...)
1.0d (13 Feb 01)
Warp: finds Newton .pkg templates in .jar
1.0c (12 Feb 01)
GUI: simple new control-panel interface (reduces need for command line) [docs/simulation]
Warp: eliminates duplicate files (esp. images)
Newton: converts bitmaps
Newton: creates app(lib) .pkg directly (reduces need for NTK)
1.0b (15 Jan 01)
adds version and help info
Newton: uses MakeBinaryFromHex instead of kFixBinaryType
Newton: adds args: title, uniqueSymbol
Warp,Exegen: adds X (extract) command extract *.class, *.bmp (args, icon.bmp)
Newton: uses appRequires for wextra (and does not embed those classes)
Exegen: fixes .prc generation bug where icon.bmp offset ~2 rows
1.0a (23 Dec 00)
Newton: generates .cls.txt and .arg.txt


1.0o (12 Feb 01)
recognizes .pkg generated by Warp/Exegen
reduces class entry storage: binary vs. {class: binary, offset: 0, length: #}; :getWabaClass creates frame entry if necessary
adds zoom capability (tap image in pop window to increment scale)
for NTK format, lists both icon and iconPro
[NTK lib] sets icon at build (rather than install) time [thanks Paul]
[NTK app] fixed invert for some icons
1.0n (15 Jan 01)
makes icon an "old" bitmap (to display in Extras on NOS 2.0)
adds title to args; more args displayed in info
keeps prefs when shutting down saved .pkg
adds/checks appRequires; eliminates appArgs.archive
defers button actions to avoid hilite/error problems
prints current app prefs (if any) with Save(Pref); all if no app selected (e.g., initially)
[NTK app] sets icon at build (rather than install) time [thanks Paul]
[apps] shortened titles, added MyWabaApp.fix.txt to increase heap prefs/fix old icons
[lib/waba] setAppContext uses appRequires
1.0m (4 Jan 01)
checks each class for signature (kClassSig)
supports gray scale for (non-icon) .bmp; supports .wbm
substitutes generic Waba app icon for mostly black default (i.e., skey)
accesses setAppContext via lib/waba (bug in saved 1.0l .pkgs)
helperApp passes appArgs (if any)
1.0l (28 Dec 00)
changes Hex choice to NTK and saves in template .cls.txt, .arg.txt format
setAppContext defined/used in lib/waba (and not in each app)
copies (rather than ors) "W" into icon
earlier -- see changes.txt