Steve Weyer's Waba apps

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This page lists a few simple Waba apps I've done as programming exercises, mostly ports of Newton and JavaScript apps.

WinCE Note: you will probably have to edit the .lnk files slightly -- move 3rd " from before to after classname; increase memory and stack parameters as needed.

Recent changes:

You should be able to run these apps in any desktop web browser or applet viewer that supports Java; waba functionality is supplied via two libraries: waba.jar, wextra.jar.

I have also included links to versions for Palm (tested only in Palm Emulator), WinCE (tested on Casio E-10) and Newton (NOS 2.x only) -- these all require that a Waba VM (virtual machine) be installed: Newton; for the Newton you also need to install two libraries: waba.pkg (also with WabaVM distribution; though check for later versions here) and wextra.pkg

If you experiment with the source, you need a Java SDK, Waba SDK, and wextra lib. Also, take a look at my Waba tools.

Ellie's CountDown
time until holidays, birthday, end of world, etc.
other versions
enter/solve cryptograms
other versions
Hanoi icon Tower of Hanoi
move disks between stacks
other versions
move letters for word jumble and Scrabble-like games
Life icon Game of Life
mathematical simulation; patterns of cellular automata
other versions
simple MineSweeper game; to mark/unmark, drag to a different square
PFB icon Pico Fermi Bagels
MasterMind-like number guessing game
other versions
Spring simulation: vary amplitude, frequency, damping, mass, spring constant
other versions
Logo-like "turtle" for drawing; use Dist and Deg buttons to do etch-a-sketch-like drawings, or Eval (and vary parameters of) some simple polygon and sample fractal programs
other versions

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