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  • Session 1. Course Description, Instructor, Topics and Resources
  • Why Do We Solve Puzzles?
  • History: Milestones (in crosswords) and Media (music, fiction, theater, film, TV, culture)
  • Practice: this course is approximately 2/3 presentation, 1/3 practice solving puzzles. If you've already taken this class (or would prefer to skip puzzle history, background and resources) and are looking for additional challenges, I encourage you to participate in one of my practice-only ("practicum") courses, where each session consists entirely of solving crossword puzzles as a group, and discussing the tricky clues and funny themes we find. e.g., CROSSWORDS: Practicum: Intermediate.

  • wordplay movieSession 6. final Q&A; Practice?
  • WordPlay movie documentary (1:34)

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