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  • curriculum menuThese online pages will be used for course presentation & resources, and will be updated before, during and after the course:
  • You can also find this link on the OLLI site: Course Materials -- at least for the current term & course number.
  • This online version allows you to preview the course before registering, and to explore items (articles, web sites) that we skim/skip or that you miss, or want to refer to later; it also allows me to update the course easily with new or revised items. It's scalable and mobile-friendly for smaller screens.
  • There will be no PowerPoint slides or paper handouts. For those who prefer a printed version, or an offline document for computer, tablet or eReader, you can download a large .pdf file including all sections of this course (includes active web links, but plainer format, infrequent updates): CROSSWORDS_and_YOU-Weyer.pdf [139 pp.; 9.2 MB; 13-Jan-2014]
  • conversation how are youI welcome feedback -- during class or via Contact Us (under Home menu) -- about particular topics/issues you'd like to discuss, about the pace and level of detail, favorite puzzle sources, which of my courses you might like to take, etc.
  • For most topics, I generally refer to Wikipedia, and New York Times (NYT) -- as good starting points (though certainly not the only ones) for exploration. Some sites may limit article access by imposing a monthly quota, or requiring login or subscription. File formats will usually be indicated as [.pdf], [.puz], etc. Note: any images, puzzles or other media provided on this site are for instructional/personal use and should not be redistributed. Photo galleries -- on this page, and under Sources:Applications and Authoring -- should display properly in most modern web browsers (Internet Explorer (IE) users may experience problems and see a warning message).