OLLI Course: CROSSWORDS Practicum: Intermediate

Course Description

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    previously offered: Ashland: 2016 Fall; 2015 Spring; 2014 Spring; 2013 Fall; 2012 Fall (Beginner)
  • Sessions: 6
  • Course URL: http://communicrossings.com/olli-course-crosswords-practicum-intermediate
  • In this intermediate-level, practice-only course, we will solve 'more difficult' crosswords as a group.
  • Depending on class ability and interest, puzzles could include New York Times: Thu - Sun; Merl Reagle: Sun; NYT 'Variety' crosswords (Puns & Anagrams (cryptic style), Takeaway, Vowelless); or other word games.
  • We'll explain any tricky clues and unusual themes we encounter.
  • This practicum is open not only to those who have taken my earlier Crosswords courses, but also to others who would like to improve their crossword skills and have fun.
  • Below: more about Instructor, Topics and Puzzles & Process.

About the Instructor

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Course Topics

  • beach puzzle capital of norwayPracticum: [prak-ti-kuhm] n."the part of a [university] course consisting of practical work in a particular field"; related to "praxis": exercise or practice of an art, science, or skill; practical application of a theory
  • There will be no planned presentations -- just puzzle practice. However, in the context of solving puzzles, I will highlight interesting/unusual clues and themes, answer questions, and mention reference materials (from my CROSSWORDS and YOU course) that you can access later.
  • Less experienced solvers are welcome; and/or you can consider my introductory CROSSWORDS and YOU course which covers history and culture, vocabulary, clues, themes, formats, sources, applications, authoring, and WordPlay movie -- along with some practice (1/3 of each session) involving easier puzzles.

Puzzles & Process