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  • ebooks? next: Ask Steve to offer this again (I'd need to update, reorganize)
    previously offered: 2012 Fall: Ashland; 2012 Spring: Medford; 2011 Fall: Ashland; 2011 Fall: AshMUG
  • Sessions: 5
  • Course URL: http://communicrossings.com/olli-course-e-books
  • Are you curious about electronic books (e-books): what they are, how they work, when they arose and why you should care? We will learn about E-book history and formats and how to assess current eInk and tablet devices, such as Kindle, Nook and iPad -- and demonstrate eReader apps. We will explore self-publishing trends, tools and resources for authors. Depending on class interest, we will discuss impacts of E-books on readers, authors, publishers, newspapers, bookstores, libraries, schools and society. More about course topics and style below.

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