OLLI Course: ?Let's Program an App

Course Description

  • software? next: Ask Steve to offer this; unclear if there's enough interest for an iPad-only class or this level of technical detail
  • Sessions: 5?
  • Course URL: http://communicrossings.com/olli-course-lets-program-app
  • softwareHave you wondered how apps are created for your tablet, smartphone or computer?
  • Do you have little (or no) prior programming experience, but are comfortable tinkering with technology?
  • You will learn:
  • how to program in the Swift language, interactively using Swift Playgrounds
  • about the software development process: from idea, to needs, design, prototype, test, refinement, distribution
  • about programming concepts, capabilities, styles
  • about the history and types of programming languages and frameworks
  • (optionally) how to create an iPhone/iPad app using Swift in the Xcode Integrated Development Environment
  • Below: more about the Instructor

About the Instructor


Course Topics

  • Session 1. Course Description, Instructor, Topics and Resources
  • Software Process, Concepts
  • Intro to the Swift language using Swift Playgrounds (on iPad, iOS 10)
  • Session 2. Language History, Frameworks
  • PFBMore Swift Playgrounds: ...
  • Session 3. More Swift Playgrounds: ...
  • Session 4. More Swift Playgrounds: ...
  • Session 5. Develop and distribute an app in Xcode (on macOS)

Course Resources