OLLI Workshop: ?Projecting an iOS Device

  • "Projecting an iOS Device" at OLLI -- this presentation:
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  • URL: http://communicrossings.com/olli-workshop-projecting-ios-device
  • Instructor's choice might depend on mix of media (iPad, laptop, and/or paper), mobility, cost, and system setup.
  • There are four methods (currently) for projecting an iOS device (iPad, iPhone) through the OLLI video/audio system:
    no research on other iOS devices (Apple Watch), or Android, Blackberry, Windows Phone/Surface
  1. 10 waysElmo: Place iPad (or iPhone) directly on the Elmo document projector
  2. VGA: Connect iPad via VGA adapter and cable to the console Laptop port
  3. USB: Connect iPad via USB cable to a Mac using QuickTime Player
  4. AirPlay: Connect iPad via WiFi to an AirPlay-compatible device
  5. "10 Ways to Show Your iPad on a Projector Screen" actually still only 4 methods (7 AirPlay options)