Projecting iOS: USB

  • quicktimeConnect iPad via USB cable to a Mac using QuickTime Player
  • e.g., Spring & Fall 2015: Be Safer on the Internet [Weyer]
  • Instructor location: 3' tether from laptop -- length of iPad USB (charging) cable
  • Mac: OS X 10.10+ (Yosemite) on laptop; classroom Macs are 10.9?
    VGA adapter and cable to console Laptop port
  • Win: not supported in QT
  • iOS: 8+ (devices w/ Lightning port only)
  • Mac (Utilities): QuickTime Player > File > New Movie Recording > "v" > Camera, Microphone: 'iPad'
  • If video not displayed initially, sleep/wake iPad
  • Screen recording possible, but not necessary
  • Easy to switch between Mac and iOS apps without reconnecting
  • Display can reset & Mac can crash if no user activity, e.g., after 20 min.!
    avoid sleep by adjusting System Preferences > Energy Saver Preferences > Turn Display Off ... ?
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