Safer Internet: Browse the Web Privately



  • browsersAlthough these next sections are primarily about web browsers, keep in mind that the advice also applies to any application, esp. mobile, that accesses the network
  • book vs. webGo to the right site, e.g., email links vs. bookmarks / password manager
  • Use HTTPS (addresses) for sites that require logging in
  • Manage Local Storage of Private Data: cookies, history, private browsing
  • Use browser extensions such as AdBlock Plus and Ghostery that block ads and tracking
  • Keep sensitive data in a password manager
  • merit badgesSearch privately: preferences; try other search engines, e.g., DuckDuckGo instead of Google or Bing
  • Browse anonymously; Censorship; NSA; Tor
  • Shop privately


Chrome: Google

Edge, Internet Explorer: Microsoft

Firefox: Mozilla


Safari: Apple