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  • nsa dog+ There may be people and situations where anonymity is very important,
    e.g., political dissidents, investigative journalists, whistleblowers, criminals, trolls, hate groups
  • - Difficult to setup, difficult to guarantee 100% anonymity, and likely to attract unwanted attention.


  • love lifeNSA:...
  • "Anonymous sources are...


  • how tor works[4] Use Tor "The Onion Router" and Tails OS "The Amnesic Incognito Live System"
  • Advantages: minimizes associating your actual IP with routing/server activities; more encryption (like VPN); random routing via multiple nodes
  • Disadvantages: slow; government monitoring / filtering / blocking / censoring
  • network {TCYOP-3: Figure 14: 87; TCYOP-2: Figure 14: 77; TCYOP-1: Figure 13: 77}
  • configuration {TCYOP-3: Figure 15: 88; TCYOP-2: Figure 15: 77; TCYOP-1: Figure 14: 78}


Censorship, Journalism, Wikileaks

Dark Web / Deep Net

National Security Agency (NSA); CIA