Safer Internet: Browsing: Search Privately


  • google+ "Free" search engines provide a valuable service
  • - Your search provider / engine can collect a profile of you based on your searches
  • - The default search engine works and may return more results -- why change it?
  • [Refs:Google]: "Peering Inside Google's $19 Billion Black Box" Google recently paid $7.2B to be default search engine on Apple and Android devices


[1] Change Search Provider?

  • duckduckgoDeleting Search History or using Private Browsing were covered earlier in Browsing : Managing Data
  • Change search provider (aka "engine"), e.g., DuckDuckGo
  • macOS: Safari > Preferences > Search
  • gurumacOS: Firefox > Preferences > Search
  • macOS: Firefox > Preferences > Privacy > History > Location Bar
  • macOS: Chrome:; click button: 'Add DuckDuckGo to Chrome'; help
  • macOS: Chrome > Preferences > Search > Manage Search Engines > Make Default
  • fargo travelnote: if using an ad blocker, you might consider allowing DuckDuckGo to show a few ads; section: Browsing : Block Ads
  • iOS: Settings > Safari > Search Engine
  • [Refs]: "Alternative Search Engines"
  • [Refs:Duck]: "DuckDuckGo has grown 600% since Apple made it a search option (and NSA revelations)"
  • If you relied on Home page or new window to access search site, e.g.,, be sure to change there also
  • macOS: Safari > Prefs > General > New Window Opens With & Homepage [screenshot]

[1] Turn Off Search Suggestions?

  • If you're not using Private Browsing, do you want to share your searches or see others' phrases?
  • Maybe speed things up, reduce crashes
  • macOS: Safari > Preferences > Search > Include Safari Suggestions
  • iOS: Settings > Safari > Search Engine Suggestions

[2] Local Search

  • car enginesAllow internet searches in "local" search results; settings only in older versions < macOS 10.12, < iOS 10?
  • macOS: System Preferences > Spotlight > [list] Spotlight Suggestions [off]
  • macOS: System Preferences > Spotlight > [checkbox] Allow Spotlight Suggestions in Look up [off]
  • iOS: Settings > Siri & Search > Suggestions in Search [?], Suggestions in Lookup [?] specify by app
  • iOS: access Spotlight search: 1) while on the Home screen, pull down from anywhere between the status bar and Dock; 2) from the Lock screen or first page of the Home screen, swipe right to enter the Widgets screen, which features a Spotlight search box
  • It's unclear if Spotlight still uses Bing rather than your preferred search engine
  • Allow Siri request logging?
  • iOS: Settings > General > Siri > About Siri and Privacy (read)


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