Safer Internet: Course Updates


  • dyingStudents of earlier courses can refer back to this site as a refresher and to learn more about the latest privacy and security updates, information and advice.
  • Use the Introduction: Topics list as a TOC / Subject Index for a complete reference.
  • Students who implemented only a few changes are welcome to re-enroll in the future to review, fine-tune and expand their protection.
  • Updated examples & articles for:
  • macOS (formerly "OS X"): 10.12.x (Sierra)
  • iOS (iPad, iPhone): 10.x
  • Added articles for Android: 7.0 (Nougat); Windows: 10
  • updatingOngoing: newest articles appear at the top of Reference sections for each topic; new subsections will be added as needed.
  • For major changes / new topics, scroll below to the Term and Year when you attended.
  • Peruse that and later terms for links to see new topics/items or significant changes.

Spring 2015: Ashland

Fall 2015: Ashland

Winter 2016: Medford

  • moved Offline sections: Passwords Intro and Backups earlier; expanded Password Intro
  • Replaced "Mac OS X" with "macOS"

Fall 2016: Ashland