Safer Internet: Email: Anonymity, Encryption


  • encrypted email+ HTTPS: encrypts message and attachment(s) and would be adequate under normal circumstances
  • + If content and/or sender/receiver are extremely sensitive, additional measures may be desired.
  • - Some setup required
  • - Recipient also needs to secure connection and protect info.


  • one letter[1] Communicate parts over different channels, e.g., phone, text message, video, etc., to replace / complement email
  • [2] Encrypt files -- see Encryption section, e.g., 7-zip
  • Send encrypted file as attachment or store in cloud
  • Communicate password / link via different channel.
  • encrypted[3] Encrypt email messages using PGP or S/MIME (requires certificate) -- or other services, e.g., Lavabit
  • iOS: Settings > Accounts & Passwords > Account > Advanced > S/MIME
  • [Refs:iOS]: "Use S/MIME to send encrypted messages in an Exchange environment in iOS"
  • [Refs:macOS]: "Setting up S/MIME on macOS Sierra & iOS"
  • [Refs:macOS]: "How to keep your email private with PGP encryption on your Mac"
  • [3] Send email anonymously
  • [3] Use self-destructing email -- never stored on recipient's system