Safer Internet: Introduction: Audience


  • dogYou -- "ordinary" users with willingness to:
  • Explore settings on your computers/devices and read articles
    -- or if you're not DIY, at least understand the risks/issues (and show to your 'techie')
  • Take action: make some immediate changes, and create a plan for later actions,
    while avoiding procrastination, panic, guilt or information overload
  • Ask questions, especially about jargon (or see PC Glossary definitions of Computer and Internet Terms)

Advice Levels / Tags

  • [#] prefix on advice/references suggests audience, importance and/or effort:
  • [1]: Beginners with some familiarity with system/browser settings; mostly easy
  • audience relevance[2]: Intermediate; moderate, less common, some complexity
  • [3]: Advanced; more complex; special situations; programmers, administrators; maybe research or future-oriented
  • [4]: Extreme; dissidents, journalists, whistleblowers, celebrities, lawmakers, lawbreakers, corporations, paranoids
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