Safer Internet: Introduction: E-books


  • TCYOPAs mentioned earlier, this course is based on Joe Kissell's e-book: Take Control of Your Online Privacy {TCYOP}, from the excellent Take Control series of technical e-books. TCYOP is suggested but not required for this course; this course generally uses the same chapter/section headings and sequence.

TCYOP Editions

  • 3.0; 4/2017; 152pp.
  • 'cheat sheet'; free; 1 pp. .pdf
  • sample; free; 53 pp. .pdf
  • 2.0; 5/2015; 135pp.
  • 1.1; 3/2014; 123pp.
  • "{TCYOP-3: #}" herein refers to Chapter and Figure pages in the current .pdf edition
  • "{TCYOP-2: #; TCYOP-1:#}" (in smaller font) refers to pages in older editions (for students from previous terms).

Other E-Books

  • Read Me First: A Take Control Crash Course understand user interface, System Preferences (macOS), Settings (iOS); free versions: web, .pdf, .mobi (Kindle), .epub (iPad); version 1.0: 49 pp.; 9/3/2014
  • TakeControl publishes many other e-books about related topics, e.g., 1Password, Apple Mail, Backing up your Mac, Crashplan, Dropbox, FileVault, iCloud, iOS, macOS, Mac Security, Passwords -- most with free sample chapters; you can save $ if you're a member, or order multiple e-books.