Safer Internet: Maintain Privacy for Your Kids


  • parental controls+ The danger for younger people is higher because
  • + they may be more naive / impulsive (may also apply to older people with memory/judgment impairments)
  • + their information will persist for much longer, with greater impacts on future careers, relationships, etc.


  • nsaAdvice could also apply to infants, grandkids, aging parent / partners
  • Technology, e.g., parental controls, might help, though they might be tech-savvy enough to bypass; it's much more important to teach awareness and safer online practices
  • Remember that whatever you post about your children (text, photos, videos) will be online forever
  • Avoid posting anything that can give away your child's location or that might embarrass the child later in life
  • [Refs]: "Identity Theft Poses Extra Troubles for Children"
  • [Refs]: "FTC to review complaint that YouTube Kids over-advertises to children"




Internet of Things, Toys


  • Configuring Parental Controls Mac: Apps; Web; People, Game Center; Time Limits; Camera, Dictation, Dictionary, Printer, Account Password, CD/DVD burning; 3/7/2013



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