Safer Internet: Share Files Privately


  • prison chains+ Sharing your own files / media can be preferable to emailing, esp. large file attachments
  • - But can be very dangerous if you're not 100% of which of your files are accessible, and to whom
  • - Sharing of other's content can be illegal (piracy) or dangerous (malware)

Files, Music, Apps

  • Regular file sharing as remote drive -- on local network
  • For specific purposes only, use temporarily -- don't forget to disable when no longer needed
  • macOS: System Preferences > Sharing : Files
  • Windows: (File Sharing) {Figure 7. TCYOP-2: 51; TCYOP-1: 50}
  • [Refs:Mac]: "Apple: How to connect with File Sharing on your Mac"
  • macOS: attach a large file (up to 5Gb) in Mail app
  • MailDrop feature will store in iCloud; recipient can download file (for up to 30 days)
  • [Refs:Mac]: "How to Use Mail Drop to Send Large Files Over Email from Mac OS X"
  • Use a cloud service, e.g., Dropbox, Box, etc., to store a file. Email file link to recipient
  • [2] If information is extra sensitive, don't depend on the encryption built into Dropbox or other cloud services;
    encrypt sensitive files yourself first, e.g., 7-zip; note: 1Password already encrypted
  • Transfer files, videos, photos between Apple devices using AirDrop (via Bluetooth and Wi-Fi)
  • [Refs:iOS]: "Yosemite & iOS 8 How-to: Set up and use AirDrop"
  • Share apps within a household with the same AppleID used to purchase the apps
  • Even better, setup Family Sharing for separate AppleIDs, which share same credit card.
  • macOS: System Preferences > iCloud > Manage Family
  • iOS: Settings > iCloud > Family
  • [Refs:iOS]: "Apple: Family Sharing"
  • Share music
  • macOS: iTunes > Preferences > Sharing
  • [Refs:Mac]: "Use Home Sharing to share iTunes content with other devices"
  • Share/stream photos via iCloud (free / $)
  • [Refs:iOS]: "How to Save Pictures from Shared Photo Streams to iPhone & iPad"


  • documentary[3] Friend-to-friend networks, e.g., Retroshare
  • [4] Peer-to-peer networks, e.g., BitTorrent
  • [4] Create your own private cloud, e.g., Transporter



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