NewtonScript: Syntax

This document covers issues related to embedding NewtonScript syntax in HTML: quoting for &, <, >, "; unicode; comments. A new section covers embedding HTML in NewtonScript.

More advanced documents cover:

NewtonScript in HTML

NewtonScript source for expressions and methods is processed normally as HTML before being compiled on your Newton. You need to do a few things differently because of HTML (delimiters) so that your embedded NewtonScript source is converted as you intended. (Use how the example appears in your browser rather than the underlying HTML source since that has extra quoting):

HTML in NewtonScript

HTML can be embedded inside a NewtonScript string (if you quote \ and "). This can be useful when using Newt's Cape via its API from NTK Inspector or another application (e.g., HelpURL example). For examples, see examples.htm. This assumes you're relatively comfortable using NS and NTK (you could also track down NS problems using NewtDevEnv/Sloup -- if there's enough interest, I could provide details). Here is a process I use for testing new HTML documents that contain NewtonScript (NS); I use BBEdit Lite (BBEL) on Mac for simple text editing -- adapt this accordingly for your own editor/browser.

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