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What is Newt's Cape?

Newt's Cape: the "big" picture

Newt's Cape creates Newton books with text, graphics, hypertext links, tables and embedded forms from HTML (HyperText Markup Language) documents in your Notepad, Inbox, other applications, over a serial connection, or internet (Newton OS (NOS) >=2.0; Newton Internet Enabler (NIE) >=1.1).

So, you can use Newt's Cape as a book creation tool and/or web browser. Since you can embed NewtonScript objects and methods in documents, you can also think of Newt's Cape as a form or application development environment. brief FAQ. Complete information in the documentation below.

Keywords: books, HTML, web, forms, NewtonScript.

Feature Summary

Highlights of some recent features:

For further details, see documentation below (also complete revision history).

Newt's Cape, along with associated documents and tools, is shareware -- registered users receive additional documentation, examples, tools and support. Newt's Cape and the files listed here are © 1995-2017. S. Weyer and G. Simon, All Rights Reserved Worldwide.

Newt's Cape versions

Newt's Cape Icon

Decoding Newt's Cape "version" (in About), e.g.,:

main version 2.1
a-z (a lowercase letter)
if present, beta version, e.g., e
if present, Native (RISC) code used for several methods (1.x)
NOS 2.x only. This version runs only on 2.x Newtons, and any packages it creates via NewtPack are 2.x-only.
contains NIE code that utilizes Newton Internet Enabler (if installed)
~J, ~G, ~C, ~F, ~R, ~K
local language version for interface and possible data encoding, e.g., Japanese, German, Chinese, French, Russian, Korean

New (beta) versions are generally available only to registered users, but if there are important interim bug fixes and we've got time, beta versions may appear here.

Newt's Cape 2.1e-2, a reasonably stable, public beta 2.x-only version is available.

The Newt's Cape reference documentation has been updated -- drafts are available as HTML files in .sit and .zip archives; it also includes 3 "advanced" docs -- formerly registered-user-only. Since some of these are quite large (esp. tagindex.htm, userintf.htm), I would recommend browsing these from desktop, or download the already-converted (1.x compatible) Newton book versions (individual .pkg or .sit.hqx/.zip archive) [books correspond to version 2.0r]. Start with introtoc.htm; summary:

introtoc.htm [12K]
NC Intro: Introduction; TOC (book [80K])
othappr.htm [9K]
NC Appr: Other Applications and Approaches (book [67K])
userintf.htm [89K]
NC User: Newt's Cape User Interface (book [251K])
setup.htm [22K]
NC Config: Setup, Usage Issues (book [65K])
htmlsyn.htm [8K]
NC HTML: HTML Syntax (book [25K])
head.htm [14K]
NC Head: HEAD tags (book [42K])
bodyhxbl.htm [8K]
NC Body1: BODY tags: headings, blocks (book [27K])
bodyliph.htm [16K]
NC Body2: BODY tags: lists, phrases (book [57K])
bodyagt.htm [25K]
NC Body3: BODY tags: anchor, graphics, tables (book [81K])
bodyform.htm [15K]
NC Form: BODY tags: forms (book [94K])
othtools.htm [17K]
NC Tools: Other Tools: NewtPack, Sloup, Newt's Cape Graphics Converter (book [57K])
nssyn.htm [8K]
NC NS Syn: Embedding NewtonScript in HTML, HTML in NewtonScript (book [28K])
advmeta.htm [20K]
Advanced: META; A and IMG URLs (book [56K])
advform.htm [18K]
Advanced: FORM URLs (book [54K])
advapi.htm [27K]
Advanced: APIs (book [93K])
charent.htm [11K]
NC Chars: Character Entities (book [50K])
regplans.htm [7K]
NC RegPln: Register; Plans (book [23K])
tagindex.htm [40K]
NC Index: Tag and Topic Index (book [192K])

What's different between this version and what's available to registered users? This version expires 45 days after installation; if you had installed 2.0r-2 earlier and allowed it to expire, you'll now have a second chance to evaluate Newt's Cape. Note: "RouteBook" is now included in HTMList, so it should be removed if you had installed it earlier. New, improved versions of Newt's Cape, tools and plugins are available to registered users, e.g., NCGC (Newt's Cape Graphic Converter desktop tools), Encoding plugin (for converting Chinese,Japanese,Russian,Korean pages), Newt's Cape versions with user interfaces in other languages (Chinese,French,German,Japanese,Korean,Russian), 1.x versions, and 2.x versions that create 1.x compatible books.

Description of files

Newt's Cape
the main application
plugin for converting JPEG graphics
plugin saves Notes Outlines or Checklists as HTML, or as Newt's Cape bookmarks; now also saves formatted text in Notes, NewtWorks or books as HTML, and saves formatted text/graphics in books as a formatted NewtWorks document; this also included earlier separate "RouteBook" functionality: adds "text routing" to books, e.g., Mail. for NOS 2.1, this would include Beam and Speak (if Macintalk is installed), and the button also appears in help books. Be sure to look at both HTMList and RouteBook documentation.
plugin to save the current temporary book as a package (in Extras)
Peter Rand has drafted a help document/book/introduction to Newt's Cape: NC_HELP; please send praise/comments/suggestions directly to Peter; available as HTML [70K] and as Newton book .pkg and .rtf file (below).
ref docs
Newt's Cape complete reference documentation in 18 .htm files; see Peter's NC_HELP document for introduction/quick reference
install for desktop transfer of HTML files, i.e., File:Open Desktop
plugin transfers audio files(.wav,.aiff,.au) to play with SimpleMail 4.0's Audio Decoder/Stationery extensions
plugin transfers/saves MOD format music files for use with ModPlayer
plugin displays Palm Pilot DOC text files and ImageViewer graphics
Newt's Cape examples page

The following files may be distributed from other sites, if Newt's Cape, its plugins and documentation are all included, if there is a link to this page -- and you tell me your URL so I can link here.



Remember that Newt's Cape is shareware, you should Register it after evaluation (otherwise, it expires after 45 days).

If you want to try Newt's Cape on a 1.x Newton, e.g., accessing HTML pages from Notes or Inbox, here is a public version of Newt's Cape 1.5 (this includes docs as HTML):

If you have problems, be sure to check the known problems page and bug reporting procedure before emailing Steve.

For Registered Users

If you register you also receive:

confirmation via email
with information about downloading
access to latest/additional versions of documentation and software
screen shot
Thanks to Joseph Chen.
Thanks to Martin Jean
screen shot
Thanks to Reinhold Schoeb. German version of Sloup also available. For text, data, package transfer, Unix/Linux users should look at NewtonLink
MP2K screen, MP130 screen
Thanks to Shinobu Yamada. It display labels and messages in Japanese; you can transfer encoded files -- select encoding under Options. For cool, funny, useful applets or information for Newton users in Japan, see MarbleDevelopment.
screen shot
Rand NC_HELP doc .rtf (FAQ section)
Thanks to Vincent Lee
Newt's Cape translations by Evgueni A. Natalenko. Translation tools and fonts provided by MacCentre, Russia. Thanks to Dmitry V. Girenko for his enthusiastic help. Cyrillic Encoding module by Joseph Chen
Newt's Cape Graphic Converter
Macintosh: convert GIF and PICT to Newton PICT and bitmap(icon) formats
Windows (32-bit): convert GIF and BMP to Newton PICT and bitmap formats
display graphics and play sounds on your Newton
plugin to save books as packages directly on your Newton
font for better-looking, fixed-width PRE text
additional documentation and examples
e.g., Advanced Customization and NewtonScript
NC AdvMETA: Advanced NewtonScript: META; A and IMG URLs
NC AdvFORM: Advanced NewtonScript: FORM URLs, LINK.
NC API: Newt's Cape's API (Application Program Interface)
priority for support and new features
relief from shareware guilt

How do I register?

Shareware Registration is now

$20.00 ($10 for a student)

Other Related Tools/Info

If you know of "Newt's Cape aware" pages (i.e., work well on Newton and take advantage of Newt's Cape), let me know -- I may include in the Newt's Cape examples page.

If you have created and distributed a Newton book using Newt's Cape, be sure to include a reference to Newt's Cape in your readme, and let us know about it so we can include it in the list of books published with Newt's Cape.

modem scripts/compatibility
HelpURL [51K]
NTK source code to create an about box that contain active URLs, and a dynamic help book from HTML
HTML editors
HTML creation utility. by Adam Tow
converting PDF to HTML
Adobe conversion info (via email or form) converts Acrobat(.pdf), Rich Text(.rtf), Word(.doc), Excel(.xls), PowerPoint(.ppt) files to HTML (and JPEG)
Web PDF Viewer SANFACE Software
Waba for Newton
Ghost Java Virtual Machine project
news readers
Paperboy from Standalone Software
Ink Spot from DejaVu Software
also read news via web-based sites: AltaVista search,
email applications
EnRoute (NetStrategy)
Eudora (QualComm)
web server!
Newton Personal Data Sharing (NPDS)
Hemlock, an internet search tool for the Newton that searches multiple internet search engines, news organizations, on-line shopping centers, even top-ten lists using user-specified search terms, putting the results in a scrollable list similar to the results in the Newton's Find panel. To search the web, Hemlock uses Sherlock™ .src.hqx files (same as MacOS 8.5)
bookmark/URL managers
pURL from Digital Objectives
Shuffler: no longer available?
xWord Buddy from Tactile
transfers Crossword Puzzle files using Newt's Cape
for dispatching different URLS, e.g., http:, ftp:, mailto:, etc. by Flash Sheridan
other browsers
PocketWeb 2.1 postcardware
NewtWap WAP client
Raissa: RSS reader news items in XML format
NewtFTP client
ftpmail: email service (directions from Andrew Maier). using an email client (like SimpleMail), you can download a .pkg file from public ftp servers (http) public ftp servers (ftp). For example, to retrieve Andrew's Easter.pkg, you would write an e-mail to and put the following commands in the body (Subject is ignored):
cd pub/andrew/archive
mode binary
force mime
get Easter.pkg

You will then receive

  1. an e-mail confirming your request
  2. an hour or two later, another e-mail which contains the software
  3. finally, an e-mail telling you that your request has been processed
ChatBuddy IRC
NewtJabber: ICQ,AIM,Yahoo; Jabber info
pages with downloadable packages
Mississippi Newton Interest Group
book tools
Librarian: turn book pages with power switch
Steve's Newton page
Newt Development Environment, tutorials, Sloup, Crypto, PkgInfo, PackType, Life, Sproing, GeoCnstr, Hanoi