ModSaver is a Newt's Cape 2.x-only plugin for transferring a (short) MOD format sound file to play using Roger Milne's ModPlayer. If the NewtPack plugin is installed, ModSaver saves the sound as a Newton song package that can be played later from Extras; otherwise, it passes the temporary sound immediately to ModPlayer.

Feedback about the ModSaver plugin, successes, or problems including URLs of directory page and specific .mod or .zip file, MIME type, and version of Newt's Cape, ModSaver and MessagePad to Steve Weyer.

Feedback about ModPlayer to


sites (see transfer, zip notes)
(others? any unzipped .mod files out there?)
Newt's Cape: select or enter a URL to download a MOD file directly to Newton (note: you most likely will have to unzip it first)
Inbox requires Newt's Cape 2.0x-2(or later); select document via Newt's Cape:File:Open Inbox or Inbox:Newt's Cape Open
EE Transfer: assumes ZModem or transfer protocol that preserves file name and binary content
SimpleMail 4.0: select the .mod file via Part picker (ignore 'no stationery' warning)
(NewtFTP? other email clients?)
MIME types
www/unknown (palmzip site), text/plain (?)
file formats
only .mod extension supported (not .s3m, .lha, .xm, .it, etc.)
no checking of MOD variations (incompatible files detected later by ModPlayer)
file size
although mod data and packages are stored compressed on the Newton, be sure to have adequate space (~2x MOD size) available on your default store before downloading
before playing .mod files, you'll have best results if you close other applications (and any active NIE connection) to maximize system memory/resources.
.zip files
(palmzip longer available?) you can use the site to retrieve a file from a .zip archive:
(note: component files that contain spaces don't currently work)
(future? fix problem with form on the site)
(future? zip converter plugin for Newton)
Newt's Cape status area displays NewtPack saving and installation progress, or possible errors:
unknown helperApp
plugin not installed, or file does not end in .mod, or unrecognized MIME type -- Newt's Cape doesn't download file
Newton doesn't have enough memory...
tried to download/save a sound with ModPlayer open, or play a sound with Newt's Cape open and/or NIE connected?
out of storage (or system hang)
failed to create/allocate enough space in advance for both mod data and package?
unrecognized MOD (in ModPlayer)
some features/parameters not recognized
playing sound
if NewtPack is installed, the sound is saved as Newton package; open it later (possibly after quitting Newt's Cape) in Extras to play; distribute the package via email, or to desktop using PackageBuddy or X-Port
if NewtPack is not installed, the sound is loaded immediately into ModPlayer
mod title, copyright
filename is used for title
copyright defaults to current year and user

Other Approaches to Creation

See ModPlayer discussion of how to create a MOD song package using Mac/Win NTK.

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