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Describe Eval Expr

A simple way to evaluate a few expressions in NewtonScript (in Newt's Cape on Newton) or JavaScript (in desktop browsers).

Using Eval Expr

Enter an expression from the Expressions list or via keyboard. Consult your language manual for information about syntax and other functions.

Tap Evaluate to see result.


This version of Eval Expr requires a browser with JavaScript support (or NewtonScript support, i.e., Newt's Cape on 2.x Newton with i:General:NewtonScript:Compile preference); besides Newt's Cape, it has been tested with

Let me know about your experience with other browsers. I may add a few more simple expressions to illustrate both languages. And explain more about the implementation, limitations, bugs, etc. For more information about NewtonScript programming, see the NewtATut tutorial and Newt Development Environment.


This version is free, and can be downloaded locally and mirrored in its entirety. If you copy/modify/improve the code, I would appreciate an acknowledgment of this version and link to this page.

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