AudInbox is a Newt's Cape 2.x-only plugin for saving an audio file (e.g., .wav, .au, .aiff) to your Inbox to play using SimpleMail 4.0's Audio Decoder and Audio Stationery extensions.

Feedback about the AudInbox plugin: successes, or problems including URLs of directory page and specific audio file, MIME type, and version of Newt's Cape, AudInbox and MessagePad to Steve Weyer.

Feedback about SimpleMail to Simon Bell.


sites (see transfer notes)
Daily WAV
Newt's Cape: select or enter a URL to download an audio file directly to Newton
email yourself a sound attachment -- no need for AudInbox
[1.0c2] requires Newt's Cape 2.1c-2(or later); assumes ZModem or transfer protocol that preserves file name and binary content. select item via Newt's Cape:File:Open Inbox or Inbox:Newt's Cape Open (from overview); this "fixes" audio data (and opens bogus text book); open item in Inbox
MIME types
[1.0b2] audio/x-aiff, audio/basic
file formats
.wav (for WAV) files are transferred; compressed files won't be played by SimpleMail (check web site for format details)
[1.0b2] .aif,.aiff for AIFF; .au for uLaw ("basic")
(SimpleMail's extensions will handle WAV, AIFF, uLaw and GSM uncompressed formats -- let me know of sites/URLs with other examples or MIME types)
for .mod files, see ModSaver plugin
file size
although the Newton compresses binary data (this is different from audio compression), be sure to have adequate space available on your default store before downloading or stop transfer (sound files can be large!)
playing sound
make sure SimpleMail 4.0's Audio Decoder and Audio Stationery extensions are installed
on MP2K and eMate, you should probably disconnect NIE before opening/closing Inbox, or playing or deleting sounds -- in order to avoid "full screen hang" problem
open Inbox
(if EETransfer used, select the sound item in overview, select Inbox:Newt's Cape Open to "fix" the item)
open the sound item

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