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Newt's Cape is shareware. Newer versions, especially beta versions, may have a 45-day time limit, with expiration warnings after the first 30 days. Even if you decide not to register, please let us know, if you have problems, suggestions or questions. The current registration fee for Newt's Cape version 2.0/2.1 is (now) $20 via PayPal .

You can mail checks to:

Steve Weyer
102 Dillon Way
Washington Crossing, PA 18977

Although the Newton has been discontinued, by registering, you encourage us to provide support and continue some development. You also receive

If you distribute books created with Newt's Cape, we would appreciate that you mention (in your book or Readme) something like:

This book created from HTML
using <A HREF="">Newt's Cape</A>

Also let us know the URLs of your web site or ftp archives for us to include in our list of Newt's Cape books


Despite some inevitable bugs and missing features, we believe that Newt's Cape should be quite usable for many users and kinds of HTML documents. Over time we will fix problems and may add new functionality to track evolving HTML standards and address new user needs. Your feedback and support are critical to encourage us and shape the product. Based on difficulties and dependencies, we have grouped some anticipated work into several rough categories:

This a working list (not a firm commitment!), influenced by our HTML/http understanding, available time, other resources/distractions, ease of implementation, user reports and requests, and level of registrations.

Short Term

1-3 months?

Medium Term

3-6 months?

Long Term

6-? months?

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