• utahCrosswords were banned in Paris during the Second World War,...
  • 1942: NYT
  • 1944: D-Day


  • nyt wwii"We ought to proceed with the puzzle, especially...


  • "The Herald Tribune runs the best puzzle page in existence so far, but...
  • first NYTNYT inaugurates a puzzle page; 2/15/1942; "There will be two puzzles each Sunday --...
  • Sunday NYT later becomes popular stereotype of 'most difficult' puzzle
    -- even though NYT Fri & Sat are harder; it's like a hard Wed or easy Thu NYT crossword
  • The Quick 10: The New York Times Crossword Puzzle trivia about NYT crossword; 8/20/2009
  • History of the NYT Crossword: Wikipedia; Barry Haldiman
  • The New York Times Celebrates 75 Years of Crosswords a brief history;
    1913: The World's First Crossword Puzzle Sparks a Craze; 'The granddaddy of crossword puzzles';
    1924: The New York Times Refuses to Join in the Fun; 'The utterly futile finding of words';
    1941: Bombing of Pearl Harbor Leads to Changed Minds; 'We ought to proceed with the puzzle';
    1942: Margaret Farrar and the First New York Times Crossword; 'Profession and passion';
    1950: The Daily Crossword Begins;
    1969: Will Weng Becomes Second Crossword Editor; 'Good company on lazy Sunday mornings';
    1977: Eugene T. Maleska, the Third Crossword Editor; 'Exactitude with puckishness';
    1978: First American Crossword Puzzle Tournament;
    1993: Will Shortz Becomes Fourth Editor of the Crossword; 'A tradition of culture and quality';
    1996: First New York Times Crossword on the Web; 'Less blood, fewer erasures';
    1998: First (and Only) Marriage Proposal in the Crossword -- Although we still get requests;
    2006: Crossword Documentary 'Wordplay' Opens; 'Crowd-pleasing entertainment and suspense';
    2008: The Wordplay Crossword Blog Begins; 'The Simpsons' Meet the Puzzle Master;
    2016: The Puzzle Mania Section Is Published; the largest New York Times Crossword: 50x50; 2/14/2017
  • farrarMargaret Farrar: 1st NYT crossword editor, 1942-1968; "1st Lady of Crosswords" bio
  • Few Gnus Farrar interview; 6/13/1959
  • "Under Margaret Farrar's direction,...
  • woody comic"Egotism, n:...
  • "Men in their forties are like the New York Times Sunday crossword puzzle:...



  • Brief Encounter (movie); Fred suggests retiring to the library by the fire to relax where he can also complete The Times' crossword puzzle. Laura responds: "You have the most peculiar ideas of relaxation."


  • What do I think of the Secretary of Commerce? HAW! crossword puzzles these days are making subtle editorial comments by having the initials of congressmen spell out words describing these individuals. For example, the initials of the Senator from Ohio spell the word "rat." (Robert A. Taft.); 8/17/1946



  • Wikipedia: 1940s
  • The Decades That Invented the Future: Part 5: 1940s Manhattan Project; George Orwell's Nineteen Eighty-Four; Polaroid Camera; Computer Bug; First Videogame; Guided Missile; House Committee on Un-American Activities; Materials Rationing; Helicopter; Microwave; Jackie Robinson; Start of Silicon Valley; 11/15/2012
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