Safer Internet: Introduction: Approach

This course plans to:

  • TCYOPFollow Joe Kissell's e-book: Take Control of Your Online Privacy {TCYOP}
  • Vary the sequence of Topics and depth of coverage, depending on student questions and background
  • Offer even more advice, and links to many articles: reviews, news, issues
  • Help you understand the kinds of information you might want to protect, and from whom, as well as techniques to improve privacy.
  • Explain 'just enough' of the underlying infrastructure and technology to enhance understanding
  • Emphasize preventive, proactive measures -- rather than deal with post-loss emergencies
  • paranoid security expertPrioritize (by difficulty: [1,2,3]) some manageable steps you can take to reduce your privacy and security risks -- [4] though not completely from the NSA.; see Audience [1-4] descriptions
  • Present trade-offs: convenience/effort for you vs. sensitivity/value of your info; one size does not fit all
  • Update advice over time, based on new threats and tools -- check Course Updates section
  • Guarantee that...